Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser and Polish

Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser and Polish

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Burnt-on This is my favorite kitchen cleaning product. I just rinse the pots with those deep outer stains from cooking , sprinkle some on and wait a minute then scrub them away in a couple minutes.

Powerful without scratches I use this mainly to clean stainless steel pot & pans - no worry about scratches and very effective!

Works great on my stainless steel sink. I've used this product for years on my stainless steel sinks. It works great! I'm not planning on ever using anything else.

Inexpensive and effective! Bar keepers is one of my favorite go to cleansers. I use this on sinks, bathtubs, my stove top, pots and pans. It cleans effectively, doesn't scratch, is non toxic. It is an inexpensive and very effective cleanser.

This is the only product that cuts thru and cleans the stains in my porcelain sink!

Good product! This stuff is awesome, we have a porcelain white sink and it made it look brand new!! So nice!

Bar keepers acquaintance It's pretty good for the price. I like it a lot but for me at least it does the same thing as baking soda and vinegar.

Superb, unique product! This product is excellent and also unique: it does a smashing job of cleaning your sink without being abrasive. I enjoy using it so much that cleaning the sink isn't really a chore (shhh, I'd like to complain about that once in awhile 😁) . I haven't found anything that works as well as Barkeepers Friend, or anything quite comparable to it. Try it - you'll be very glad you did! Highly recommend!

Even Mr. Clean likes this! This cleaner is amazing! It works on just about anything and really gets the job done!

Bar Keepers is a true friend This stuff is really good at hard / dirty jobs. It has never let me down. I feel like this product is the "elbow grease" of cleaning".

This stuff is fantastic . Where have u been my whole life? I grew up watching my mother use Ajax or Comet and they work great and cost less than Bar keepers friend , . Bar keepers friend is worth the extra cost. If Bar keepers friend doesn't clean your pots and pans then throw them out. With Bar keepers friend, your old pot look like brand new! Purchase Bar keepers friend at Target to get the best price. Would give this product a 10 if possible

Affordable & Worthy of Every Penny! An absolute must to have around the house... It takes the required "elbow grease" down to almost nothing by removing and cleaning even the grimiest of pans. I use it regularly to clean any porcelain, steel, anything non-porous, actually! It's incredibly affordable compared to other products and it lasts a long time if kept in a cool, dry area like under the sink. My grandma, mom & dad, and now my siblings all use it. We swear by it!

How did I keep a kitchen before this product came along? I love it. When I first used it, and discovered how dark and dingy my pots were, I was kind of distressed - so, now, I use it more consistently for beautiful looking pots and pans!

Terrific on stainless and works great on the tub also.

We literally used this in the bar I used to work in decades ago and it is still tried and true! Seriously cleans up any mess you can imagine! Love this stuff!