Kim Edwards The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Kim Edwards The Memory Keeper's Daughter

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I read the book, but I have not seen the movie. This is a wonderful story and I could not put it down. You smile and cry at the same time.

This book captivated me from the first chapter. It tells of a time in which two babies were born into a well to do family, at a time in which a child with any disability was not accepted. It was a very sad and happy book, one that displays a father who made a major call to send one of the twins away. Down's Syndrome children were highly disreguarded , and sent away from the prying eyes of the public. The father, a doctor, sent the child to a home to be raised. Saving his wife and( I ) ended up believing himself from scrutiny. That baby was not delivered to the home as he instructed, but was taken to her own home by one of his staff members. To fast forward, the beautiful baby girl was raised in a wonderful loving home and grew up, doing all of the things normal children did. As she progressed to a young adult, her life became intwined with that of her father and mother, also with the other child born on the same day as she was. This book was very interesting, had a very good plot and a variable happy ending. The movie was a dissapointing screen test at best.. It realy gives insight to a time when any child that was not perfect could be sent away and stored out of sight, without an intervention of love from someone else.

I have not read the book yet....but if it is anything like the made for TV is excellent!!

this was tthe best book in the entire world. i LOVE it!!! i even did i project on it in school!

Didn't enjoy this book as I thought I would have hoped.

I am reading this book right now. Its so interesting...after seeing this I feel like getting back to it. Lovely story, I high reccomend it.!

I loved the book, and I watched it on lifetime but the movie wasnt so good.

I loved this book, I had to share it with friends! It was such an interesting read, and I really liked how it spanned years, you could really see how the choices made in the beginning of the book effected everyone throughout their lives!

I really loved this book and the movie on Lifetime was just as good. It was a quick read that I just could not put down.

Loved it!

This book is worth reading. At times it may be frustrating, but it opens your eyes to many things.

I did not care for this book. How can someone be so selfish to deny their wife of the knowledge of another child?