Kong Large Red Kong Dog Toy

Kong Large Red Kong Dog Toy

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Kong is the only brand of chew toys I will buy for my dog and she loves them. They are tough and durable while providing hours of entertainment. I gave the red Kong 4 stars only because it is not ideal for stronger chewers.

Good toy My wiener dog absolutely loves these. Interesting to clean afterwards but great buy.


Kong Great product!! My sheltie loves to play and will play for hours. At the end of the day this is the best treat and occupier for him! It also has helped me with training him to do tricks too. Durable, easy to clean!

Our dog Bella loves Kong toys, they are very durable especially for a super chewer. The price is resonable and its a brand i can trust.

Awesome toy My pup loves the Kong with her favorite treats. Keeps her super busy.

Amazing product! Genius! Put peanut butter and dog food inside, freeze it, and dogs will be busy for hours!!!

Great for chewers! Kong is great for chewers! My dog destroys every toy we've bought her except for this one! It's heavier so be careful if your dog likes to toss toys in the house!

My dog LOVES his Kong We have a black lab/German shepherd mix. He is a chewer and loves to stay busy. We put hard treats in his kong and he LOVES it. It keeps him busy for about an hour, which is a huge success. This is a pet staple!

It's a great toy for your pet. We bought this item for our German Shepherd puppy Gunner. This was his favorite toy. It was my favorite toy because it held up for two whole years . It's a great toy for your pet.

The best product for super chewers! All of my dogs love Kongs.

Indestructible! My dogs love these, and they're pretty much chew-proof. A versatile toy that my dogs love!

One Tough Chew toy This is the one dog toy that has lasted years! I freeze it with peanut butter inside to help it last longer. Our dog and those we foster all love it.

My dogs adore these! They keep them busy and out of trouble for hours. They love peanut butter inside of them!

I got a Kong for my Bassethound and he loved it. He got such a good chewing workout and thought he was on a scavenger hunt! If your dog chews things up, then this is a great toy and hidden treat toy for them.