Hasbro Cranium Board Game

Hasbro Cranium Board Game

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My kids absolutely love this game and I love that it is good clean fun for them.

I really love this game! It's fun, quirky, and as a college student, I can say that people of all ages love it!

This game is freaking hilarious! It's my go-to game for a game night with friends.

We play this game every my family is together. We LOVE games and this one is so fun that I almost wet my pants playing it.

We gave all our neurosurgeons this game for Christmas one year. I think their kids like the game.

I Like this game however it can be confusing and not everyone feels comfortable playing it. My favorite Hasbro Cranium Game is POP 5. It is a twist of this game but the players are in way more control of the challenges. Everyone who has ever played it with us become a huge fan!

Love this game. It requires a significant time requirement and a larger number of people than many games, but if you have the time and people, it's a fabulous game. Everyone can participate in at least one of the categories of expertise, whether it's logic, letters, acting, or drawing.

Great game for the entire family and also teaches kids at the same time :-)

My 10 year has been playin this for a long time! It teaches to much and also fun for the whole family.

Great family game!

I absolutely LOVE this game. My husband and I have had and played so many different board games over the years, but this game is perfect because it takes all the fun aspects of other games, and smashes it all into one! Plus I love that this game involves everybody, but since it is team oriented, if you are shy, you don't have to do the charades type things, you can just let a teammate do it. Its really our top favorite game!

I've owned this game since middle school, and I have played it with my sister and her friends many times, and we've even bought the extended card packages. It is an active-mind game, full of fun facts and great knowledge that never gets old. The drawing, history, and variety of topics that this game has really makes for a few hours of fun.

great game awesome family fun

I love that we can be silly and have fun. And this is a game we can play with the kiddos and they don't fuss that we have declared it family game night.

Love this game, it's so much fun!