Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

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So Good! Love how easy to use and how easy it cleans up small messes and leaves my surfaces looking shiny and clean.

Clorox Wipes I buy these frequently. They work very well. I keep one in the house and one in my car, it makes it easy to wipe spills or to use just to clean the surface of my steering wheel.I've even used them to wipe my hands, especially when I come back into the car after walking my dog. I think these are great!

Absolutely LOVE! I love these wipes, I use them for counters, dressers, and so much more! They make it easy to keep the house clean, and make me feel better about getting rid of the germs!! Totally recommend for anyone looking for something quick and easy to use to clean up fast and with less hassle!

Great for cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms I keep a bottle of these in every bathroom and on my kitchen counters to use throughout the day to clean the counter after cooking or whatever. I was super bummed during Covid when everyone started buying all of them all of a sudden but I'm glad i'm not having any issues now!

Great for germs This was a great product! During the Covid lockdown, I bought a whole lot of these. They clean everything so nicely without leaving any residue. I also love the smell they leave behind. I approve 100% and will keep these on my grocery list.

MY GO TO FOR FAST CLEANS I love these. My go to, and usually I can always find these easier than other things.

Excellent dirt, stain remover and sanitizer Excellent dirt, stain remover and sanitizer. Using it for years. Always good to have at home.

Friction on side to grab dust/fur/dirt CLOROX Disinfecting Wipes: One of our family favorites. The lemon is also my favorite blend shown on the website pic (yellow). One side has a bit of friction in texture so that it grabs dust and dirt and hair a bit better than if smooth. Not too thick to make you feel like you are wasting so much material. Works great on all surfaces for me so far.

Best on the market This is the best sanitizing wipes that I've used on the market. It's tough on germs and gentle on my hands.

Clorox Wipes I bought these for the first time during the covid crisis and use them all time. Now, I will always have them on hand.

Best out of many! I have tried many different disinfectant wipes in the middle of this pandemic and always come back to the clorox brand. This wipes wipe away messes and stains so easily and have a much fresher longer lasting smell compared to its competitors. I will continue to use this to sanitize all my house hold surfaces, door handles, light switches, etc.

Very good, picks up all the mess and leaves a great fresh smell

Good Who doesn't like these? Perfect for the quick wipe down for door knobs and light switches.

A Must for a Truly Clean Kitchen I love these! They are my go-to for making sure my countertops are always clean and sanitary. They do a great job of helping me to make sure my kitchen is tip top at all times. I love the light lemon scent as well. All in all, these make me feel secure that my home is healthy.

Love Clorox products! Clorox products are one of my favorite brands. You always know your counters etc are clean when using this product. Trusted brand for many years.