Coca Cola Diet Coke Plus

Coca Cola Diet Coke Plus

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its pretty good .. i like the taste of coke .. this is a lill diff but try it once and see

love it, great taste for a diet pop

I love all cokes product's especial this.

Like others have said it has an after tast . I will go for the diet coke only. also it is the only drink that helps me when I have the dry heaves from the same thins and others , still 16 years after my baby waas born.

This started out tasting just like regular diet coke. It had a bitter after taste. I didn't finish the bottle and was slightly nauseous afterward

The taste was slightly off but it taste better than regular diet coke.

Haven't heard of this one. Would have liked to have tried it, I am a Diet Coke fan. I haven't even seen this on the grocery shelves either?

We actually really liked the diet coke plus...but now can no longer find it. Which makes us sad :(

i tryed this when it came out and it made me sick like mineral water always does ( but not soda) but i have and iffy tummy, flavor wasn't bad i didn't hate it.,,,, just wasn't something i could drink

i think it is pretty good. it wouldnt be my first choice of a drink but i wouldnt be bothered if it was the only cold soda to grab.