Folgers Black Silk Coffee

Folgers Black Silk Coffee

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I like this so so much it's tasty and unique 😋

COFFEE LOVERS!!!- MUST READ:) Folgers Black Silk coffee is definitely smooth and rich-tasting. It is 100% arabica beans and has a bold but simple flavor. Some coffee drinkers like myself found it to be a little too tart for my tastebuds but my husband enjoyed it and found the flavor to be intense and flavorful. This coffee taste similar to Starbucks Sumatra's dark roast!

Mom's says it's the best Black silk coffee is my Mom's favorite she swears that once I have tried this brand . I won't go back to Yubana coffee.

Yum I love the smooth rich taste of Foldgers Black Silk.

Classic taste Fresh brewed coffee! There is nothing better then classic Folgers coffee

folgers black silk I personally love the taste of black silk. This is the best coffee i have had in a while. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to buy.

A great purchase I always buy a dozen so that I never run out of it ; Love it , and recommend it for sure .

This is a household staple in my household. When I open the last container it gets added to my shopping list to ensure I never run out. I cannot start my day without Folgers.

Delicious dark roast Very good taste. You know how some coffee has that weird after taste. Well this black silk doesn't leave that weird taste it's a strong tasting dark roast

Great start to the day This is my go to every morning . Taste is deep and rich . Give me that jump start for the day . Absolutely love it

We love this! We purchase this coffee all of the time and love the bold, exciting flavor it offers. The price is very reasonable as well which is a plus!

I love this type of coffee I wouldn't trade for anything it is it's own unique band. Everyone that hasn't tried it needs to.

Flavorful and Delicious... I usually don't buy dark roast coffee but when I went to the store my regular Folder's medium roast wasn't available. So I decided to buy Folder's Black Silk dark roast to try. I really was hesitant about trying this because I don't like strong coffee. It has a rich flavor but it wasn't strong. The coffee was silky smooth and didn't have a bitter taste. I was surprised how much I liked this product. Besides being flavorful and delicious the aroma smells so amazing as you're waiting for it to brew. Folder's is my number one coffee brand. It doesn't make my stomach hurt like other brands do. I would definitely buy this again.

Dark roast This is a dark coffee, I like to buy beans and grind them myself for that nice fresh taste. But this dark roast is a nice one.

You should try it My parents love this coffee it is an affordable price and great taste