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  • Tannerbabes19 By  Tannerbabes19    

    Thick and Creamy!!

    This body wash is so creamy and thick. A little bit goes a long way and i like how it exfoliates and also leaves my skin feeling soft without over drying. My skin also smells incrediable afterwards and its feela smooth and healthy without having to apply lotion.

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  • SageyGirlReview By  SageyGirlReview    

    Great results, great fragrance

    I was given a sample of the Dove Body Polish and loved it! It provides great exfoliation while being gentle on my skin. My skin was very soft and healthy feeling after first use. Great product!

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  • Nvc1127 By  Nvc1127    

    Absolutely love this. I bought it and used it every day for about 2 weeks and a few days. Left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

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  • Dahling By  Dahling    

    Skin treat

    Really nice trat for the body in shower. Grab a dollop smooth on, repeat n rinse. Feels and smells great.

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  • lkiefer11 By  lkiefer11    

    Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

    Got this in a beauty box and tried it. I really liked it. I felt like my skin looked better and it felt good on. Washes off with well with no residue feeling.

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  • doublebeezy By  doublebeezy    


    You have to smell it. Seriously. Just walk into your drugstore, open the jar, and inhale. It's not super gritty, which I don't love, but I find that it does exfoliate and leaves my skin fairly moisturized after use. Doesn't leave the shower floor slick, either, which is a bonus. Seriously. Go smell it.

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