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  • mcasella By  mcasella    

    Old School

    I'm a purest and prefer it without the Reese's Piece's.

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  • cynthiacrosby By  cynthiacrosby    

    Very tasty snack, a snack attack

    I have enjoyed these, as a snack attack, they are filling, and more filling than regular Reese cups! Very tasty snack

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  • Hethee By  Hethee    

    Love me twofers!

    Oh em gee! Here is mommy?s little sweet addiction! This is such a great idea putting these together to make an awesome taste and fun smooth-crunchy consistency. Love Resees before but, now with this and white chocolate 🍫 ones we have a serious chocoholic on our hands! Live me twofers!

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  • lcarr0369 By  lcarr0369    


    My fiance and I are OBSESSED with these, if you like Reese's then get these, 2 in 1 and a win-win for me!

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  • ShainaCooper By  ShainaCooper    

    Peanut butter cup for the win!

    I loved how jam packed this cup was! It had a great texture and peanut butter flavor! I love that it was soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside! What a great little snack or treat! Definitely recommend!

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  • TryItJessSayin By  TryItJessSayin    

    2-In-1...UHHH YES.

    What better Reese's combo than putting their Reese's Pieces INSIDE a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!? OMG. This is SO GOOD. You bite into the soft chocolately outside, only to crunch into the inside pieces. I want this for the Halloween season!

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  • orchidlady01 By  orchidlady01    

    Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cups - even better

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have always been my favorite Halloween candy with the sweet chocolate and the salty peanut butter. Having the Reese's Pieces inside the chocolate is a little extra goodness!

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  • Aricanichole By  Aricanichole    

    U better get u some

    So my daughter was born on Halloween and this is her fav candy in the world I'm making a cake with them as the highlight I will def post pics. I give this 5 stars due to the amazing flavor and texture

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  • laserpickles420 By  laserpickles420    

    Amazing Halloween candy!

    I really love this candy, and I love reeses for comin up with it! They're a little thicker than your average reeses, and they're still super soft, wit tiny pieces of reeses pieces inside each bite. Now I never have to choose between reeses or pieces! If you like candy, chocolate, peanut butter, or wonderful things, you'll love these!I would highly recommend it! 10/10★★★★★★★★★★

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  • Krey918 By  Krey918    

    This is an amazing creation! I love the crunch that the Reese's pieces provide!

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    You Can Never Go Wrong With Reese's!

    I love chocolate, in particular Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I would eat them every day, all day, if I could. :)

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  • dcgirl1969 By  dcgirl1969    

    Reese's You Have Another Winner

    Reese's you have another winner! The Reeses Cups With Reeses Pieces are delicious 😋. This is absolutely fabulous. Loads of peanut butter and chocolate goodness here.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Reeses Pieces Cup

    Best of both worlds, Reeses peanut butter cups filled with Reeses pieces. Cant go wrong with any Reeses candy!

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  • jmhansen2017 By  jmhansen2017    

    Love Reese?s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups

    You cannot go wrong with Reese?s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups! They are the same amazing tasting treat with a treat inside! I absolutely love them! They are the right amount of yummy goodness!😋

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  • Ladybug3186 By  Ladybug3186    


    I'm a huge Reeses fan. And the mix of cups with peices is just amazing. Makes my mouth and taste buds so happy. I always have some hidden in my freezer from the kids. Hehe.

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