Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Ice Cream

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Great Taste Without the Guilt This has become my go to snack when I need something sweet..and that's usually an every day occurrence. I don't feel guilty if I eat half or the whole pint. I've not found another brand of ice cream that tastes this amazing without all the fat and sugar. Vanilla, Bday cake, and Mint Choc Chip are my faves.

Tasty and under 400 calories! I just tried Halo Top Vegan ice cream, due to a lactose intolerance. First off, it is so hard to find DECENT non dairy ice cream that isn't loaded with over 1000 calories a pint. I tried 3 flavors of Halo Top Vegan (non dairy) Peanut Butter Cup Vegan is my absolute favorite of the three I tried. Birthday Cake Vegan was okay but reminded me of play dough and the Cookie Dough Vegan was my least favorite and it did taste like play dough! As for Non Dairy ice cream, i'm used to the "icy" texture because it's typically made with Coconut Milk. These are under 400 calories for the whole pint, which is so easy to eat! I would recommend this if you are vegan or have a dairy issue.

Awesome! One of the few good low calorie ice creams I've tried. Most of the flavors are really good. Steer clear of the chocolate banana, but the pancakes and waffles is my go-to.

Mint Chocolate Chip Halo Top Ice Cream is one of my favorite ice creams mint chocolate chip and vanilla are my top 2 favorites. With under 400 calories a pint,how could you go wrong with picking this sweet treat. You can't go wrong with any flavor you pick.

I recently decided to try Halo and let me tell you it's the best ice cream you can buy if you're trying to lose weight or maintain. I don't feel guilty for eating Halo because it's not like other ice creams.

I scream T1d REALLY SCREAM FOR THIS ICE CREAM This ice cream is T1d safe it has lower carbs an higher protein an will not raise the blood sugar fast the taste an flavors are out of this world I also enjoy the fact that you can find halo at almost all retail store an it is always price around the same

Rich & creamy Halo Top Ice Cream is so rich & creamy. I just had the pleasure of tasting the Chocolate Chip. It was really amazing & delicious and I enjoyed every bit of the lucious chocolate. I'm honestly hooked and would recommend it to everyone.

Halo my diet I love this ice cream, pick it up at my local store, many varieties and did not hurt your wait line

Halo was very hit and miss for me. I think it really depends on the flavor and your taste preferences.

Helpful for calorie-counters! I think Halo Top is a wonderful invention. It's an awesome frozen treat, without the calorie damage of "real" ice cream. I have liked all the flavors I've tried so far.

Hello Halo! Halo top is simpky Delicious. I had candy bar, I've had chocolate, I've had vanilla bean, and all of them are delicious. You would never know they were such little calories. Taste just like ice cream. I would definitely recommend them.

Halo Top ice cream tastes amazing. I have had the birthday cake a couple times now. I love that it's higher in protein and less carbs. This ice cream needs a few minutes to soften up because it's really hard. It's worth the wait though. It has a super smooth and creamy texture.

Creamy and delish! Halo top is extremely creamy and delicious. With a variety of flavors you can't go wrong. There is something for each person in your family. We love milkshakes and these blend up so well.

So much variety! I was blown away by not only how good it tasted but just how many different varieties there are! It's now like a scavenger hunt to see which kinds they have at the different supermarkets!

Not a fan I'm not a fan of Halo Top; I prefer a rich & creamy ice cream. Halo Top tastes dry & icy, IMHO. I'd rather eat a smaller portion & enjoy it more.