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  • wintergreen83 By  wintergreen83    


    I got a sample and I guess it cleaned but the smell was too much! It was overpowering.

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  • Lindsay18 By  Lindsay18    

    This detergent is definitely by far the best at getting out stains!! Better than Tide for sure BUTTT I just cannot stand the weird smell nor the high price tag!! But if you don't mind spending extra and can handle the smell it will be great.

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  • sandramburns1959 By  sandramburns1959    

    I love this stuff!

    I love this, had always been a TIde girl, but this gets items even cleaner. Consumer Reports love it too.

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  • hannahroy66 By  hannahroy66    

    This product is pretty expensive, but worth it. I used it for a long time. A little goes a long way! It seems super heavy duty. Great cleaning power for sure.

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  • icaboo By  icaboo    


    Smells heavenly and cleans better than tide or oxi clean. I love to wash my bedding with this product because the smell lasts all week long.

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  • melguillemette By  melguillemette    

    Definitely a great product

    This detergent is strong and washes well in hot and cold water alike. I highly recommend it. If you are unsure, email the company for a coupon or sample to try it beforehand and you won't be disappointed in the product!

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  • JulieGazley By  JulieGazley    

    WOW! ALL the stains are gone!

    I love this laundry detergent. This will get out stains for me without treating prior to washing. My families clothes get extremely clean with Persil. I would like more scents, but I LOVE this product. Better than any others. Cheaper than the next leading brand. I prefer this detergent over all others.

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  • Erikaenn By  Erikaenn    

    Best detergent out there!

    The only detergent I use. From the first time I used it I loved it. I have never gone back. It even makes the house smell awesome!

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  • sarahleannbradshaw1989 By  sarahleannbradshaw1989    

    I have 3 boys who love to get dirty. Plus I have a husband that works in a oil changing place and comes home dirty. I couldn't find anything that could clean their clothes. I went to my local Wal-Mart and saw Persil on a end cap so I figured why not try it, I had nothing to loose. It actually gets motor oil out of my husbands uniforms without soaking or scrubbing. And my boys haven't been able to get into anything this detergent couldn't take out. I will not buy any other detergent because u have never found acting ride that cleans as well as Persil. I have even used it on my carpet and it took every stain out.

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