Caress Daily Silk

Caress Daily Silk

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Washing with Caress since childhood Caress is one of my all time favorite soaps. I've been washing with Caress since I was a kid (it was my mother's favorite soap, too). I've always loved the long lasting scent, and I appreciate how Caress hasn't messed around with the formula since then.

Great Scent I love the scents available. Gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft.

Caress is best I have extremely sensitive skin. This is one product I can actually use that won't cause irritation to my skin. I love the silky smoothness of this product and the great smell.

I love this product. It smells wonderful and leaves my skin feeling soft.

This product is really good! Not only does it smell wonderful, but it also leaves your skin feeling smooth and delicate! This is one of the many body washes I love and can actually use because i have sensitive skin.

SMELLS DIVINE!! Soft and smooth almost creamy body wash does exactly what the brand says... it caresses the skin leaving you soft, moisturized and smelling great.

Loved the way this makes my skin feels!! Doesn't leave a gritty feel and smells very pleasant!!!

Fantastic Body Wash This is one of the few body washes that the smell is not only fantastic but it stays with you all day. It doesn't leave a film on you but does leave your skin soft. Would recommend to anyone!

Smells great I love this body wash and have purchased it many times. It smells really really good! It cleans very well and it has little beads in it and they exfoliate very well. This makes my shower more enjoyable. They also have many different types.

stay fresh Love their soap which leaves your skin soft and glowing. The fresh scent stays with u all day so u smell nice and clean.