Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

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I'm confused by the positive reviews. Not my favorite. Made my hair feel heavy and like straw , very funky texture. Plus, I have sensitive skin and this product makes my head itch.

Leaves my hair looking and feeling fresh & clean! I've been using this dry shampoo for 2 years, it always leaves my super oily hair looking and feeling fresh & clean.

FREAK...YES CLEAN...NO Did not help my hair feel clean or refreshed. Too light...not enough powder like other dry shampoos. Tried several different times using a lil and a lot. No help.

This is my favorite dry shampoo. It really freshens your hair and adds body!

Best purchase ever! I just bought this about a week ago after not being happy with my current dry shampoo that I had been using and I turned out loving this one! It doesn't leave a bad or white residue in your hair and takes away all the oil out of my hair and has a good clean smell like you just washed and dried your hair the only thing is you can feel it on your hands after you use it so you need to wash your hands but other than that I love it!

Highly recommend I love this product having colored hair washing everyday is not am option and this doesn't leave that white residue in my like most of the other dry shampoos

I love this dry shampoo. The can and the brand are very awesome. i love the look. It does a good job and doesn't leave much residue. It is good about not weighing down your hair. It smells really good.

excellent product help your hair to looks clean on cases you dont have time to wash it smell so fresh and you going to feel amazing clean . not use everyday just in case of emergency lol

Not impressed This was my first attempt at using a dry shampoo. I had looked up reviews and did a search for ones that people rated the best and this one was mentioned frequently so I figured I'd try it. Unfortunately I wasn't very impressed. I used it a few times and administered different amounts and the results were always the same. My hair felt heavy and I could tell I hadn't washed it by how it felt. It didn't have an odor that I noticed and it didn't leave a white residue for me like it did for some others (I have long brown hair with black underneath), but I felt like I had sprayed my hair with hairspray. I couldn't run my fingers through it and it felt tangled and straw like no matter how much I brushed it. When it came to the greasiness, something my hair does whenever I skip a shampoo day, it helped somewhat. It didn't eliminate it completely, but it seemed to be better than had I not used it at all and I can't say my hair looked like I hadn't washed just felt like it. As far as volume, this didn't add anything. I'm not sure it's supposed to but it actually made my hair, which is naturally straight, even more flat. It would be ok for days where I didn't plan on going anywhere and would be wearing my hair up, but not if I had to go to work or anything. I doubt I would buy again. The hunt continues......