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  • herbalkate By  herbalkate    

    Gentle on skin. Tough on odor-causing bacteria

    I have used Tom's of Maine deodorant before. The first time I used it was over a decade ago when my underarm area was irritated from daily shaving and deodorant use. I loved how smooth it made my skin and how gentle Tom's of Maine's natural ingredients was on my skin. It soothed my skin and I was hooked on the delicate scents like Honeysuckle Rose (my favorite), Maine Woodspice, Soothing Calendula (that's marigold for those who don't know) and Wild Lavender. It isn't as strong an antiperspirant as traditional products so if you are naturally sweaty, it might not work as well as you'd like. But if you're like me and want just a light touch of scent and a mild antiperspirant, Tom's of Maine might be perfect for you. If you have sensitive skin and find other antiperspirant/deodorant too harsh or if you're worried about the safety of using a product containing aluminum, you might want to give Tom's of Maine a try. Oh, and it's clear when it goes on so say goodbye to those telltale white streaks on your shirt. There are many more scents and formulas than when I first started using it, which is great, so I'm sure you'll find one that you'll like.

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