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  • AmeLucky By  AmeLucky    

    Good enough

    Lights out was a pretty decent movie, what made this different than others was actually seeing the creature, yet keeping it unexpected and still mysterious, kept you wondering what was going on yet seeing full well what was chasing, it was exciting, and different

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  • MissNerdy By  MissNerdy    

    Lights Out...to sleep!

    Lights Out...is a movie about something that is/has been "haunting" a family for as it turns out, for more than what we will all think at first. It's an alright movie...not too many jump scares at all...even at times not even that scary. But the "haunting thing" , whatever it is, IS scary-looking. There will be explanations how IT got that way during the movie...but for the most part, just like the title says, IT prefers to "move" in darkness, cuz the light harms it. This movie is a little boring...

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  • kolimarie By  kolimarie    

    Fear of the Unknown gets top billing in Lights Out

    Lights Out is a film released by Warner Bros., starring Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello, and Billy Burke. The scariest thing about the movie is the unknown. We all have a fear of the unknown, but when it starts to wreak havoc on not only our lives, but on the lives of those we care about, the fear intensifies. There are several jump scares, legitimate jump scares, but truly, the scariest thing is trying to figure out what this THING, this creature is that is tormenting this little family. And whether anyone will be able to stop it.

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