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  • Brooke_69_210 By  Brooke_69_210    

    Advil has always been one of my favorite pain relievers! Always keep it in stock

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  • IlanaSlightly By  IlanaSlightly    


    I suffer from chronic migraines and Advil is still the only pain relief that can somewhat, occasionally, help me. And that's saying something.

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  • LadyGodiva87 By  LadyGodiva87    

    Advil is my lifesaver ever month!

    I've been having terrible cramps that cause me to faint, vomit, and generally feel unwell for over a decade. I have had to miss a lot of school and work days due to the monthly curse. I have tried many over the counter pain relievers but Advil is the only one that totally gets rid of my painful cramps and keeps them away for at least 6 hours. As long as I take it as soon as I see the dreaded red spot I know that I will be alright. Advil makes me feel normal again during that time of the month.

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  • britnyriker By  britnyriker    


    doesn't work for any more severe pain, i noticed it doensn't help much with the pain no matter how many i took.

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  • Browngirl17 By  Browngirl17    

    This is good, but I always have to use two. I like the capsules better, but these are not bad.

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  • rubyisabellamcg By  rubyisabellamcg    


    Advil is my go to for pain relief! With carrying so many books around campus, my back and neck are always in pain. Advil is always there to ease the tension!

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  • HippyWifeHippyLife By  HippyWifeHippyLife    

    LOVE Advil. This is a must in any first aid kit, this is a must in our pantry at all times. The pills are small and easy to swallow, they are circular. The pills are coated in a sweet coating, which I appreciate.

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  • christyhooksguerrero By  christyhooksguerrero    

    I have used Advil for years. It works for all my aches and pains and it doesn't give me stomach spasms like Aleve does.

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  • CWOK__ By  CWOK__    

    Nothing works as well as ibuprofen for any aches and pains I have. I have arthritis in my joints, and some days when it's more painful, 2 of these will usually do the trick. I've used it for other aches and pains as well, such as menstrual cramps, and honestly it does work on me better than anything else. I rarely bother with any other pain reliever since this helps so much.

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  • Madisonbreann By  Madisonbreann    

    I will not take anything else, I have a bottle at home, in my purse and at my office. Nothing takes away my pain like Advil!

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  • Aevalh By  Aevalh    

    I received a sample of these to review. I have had them before and they work really well. I can recommend them highly.

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