Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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It did not do anything for my hair even after blowdrying it. I still had to use a flat iron and even with that I didn't notice my hair being any straighter. After washing my hair it is back to being thick and wavy again. My hair is very thick, maybe it will work with someone who has thin hair. I got this free from Shespeaks, I wouldn't be too happy if I had paid full price for it.

As I have gotten older my thin hair has gotten curly and frizzy. I have tried so many store products in the hopes that I could have beautiful salon hair every day at home, and was always disappointed. I couldn't wait to try Aveda hair straightener, as Aveda is a very good product, pricier than what the drug store offers but If it worked I would have been their most loyal customer. Unfortunately I was disappointed, I first day I admit it was extremely hot and humid but I used the product just as direct and took extra time to blow dry my hair in sections, then I hit it with a hot iron b/c it was no straighter then had I not use the Aveda, took my dog for a 15min walk and came back to major fizz. I continued to use Aveda and blow dry my hair but it could just be my hair type, extremely thin, alot of hair that has a natural curl to it, was not a good match for this product. I liked using the product, it wasn't heavy, had a nice smell but just didn't do anything to make my hair straight. I am glad I got to try this product, the instructions were easy to follow, the product came out nicely from the tube, it just didn't work for me. I would not recommend this to a friend nor would I buy this product, but if Aveda did come out with another straightener I would try it, I think it's a good brand.

Very disappointed. I love Aveda products and use them daily. All this product did was make my hair dry. I found no useful benefit.

I don't believe this is the product for someone with my hair type; mostly straight with the annoying waves/frizziness that I like to iron out. After using the product 5 times my hair is not as shiny and seems to crease a lot easier. Maybe it is more stiff? My hair has dried faster, but the ironing takes just as long and I need to wash and redo more often. Before, I could iron my hair and for days it would stay straight; well until I washed it again (I could go almost a week). Now when I wake up from sleep my hair seems creased or curled up weird. The shine I had before seems to be less so and the little frizzy pieces don't seem to stay downs as well with ironing anymore. it seems like there is a buildup of some sort? It didn't seem to work for my hair type at all. As soon as my hair is wet again, it will frizz/curl up on the ends. If I let it air dry it seem dull and frizzy in parts. It does make it so it dries faster with the hair dryer, but it was more difficult to iron. I plan to have my daughter do the 5 day test next (she has very curly hair) and see if she see her curls loosened.

Followed the directions and I can honestly say I don't really see much of a difference in hair texture. It smells really nice but you need to flat iron hair to smooth and tame coarse hair like mine. Also I did not notice a reduction in drying time.

This didn't work for my thick curly hair. I don't have frizzy hair or kinky hair, but it's very thick and curly. I didn't notice any difference while using this product to the protocol they recommended. Instead, it made my hair stiff and oily. I didn't like it. It would probably be better for someone with thinner or wavy only hair.

I second what @amyh_lll had to say. It just did nothing for my type/texture hair (mostly straight with annoying waves in all the wrong places and frizziness). I don't think it made things any worse, it just didn't improve the waves or frizz, so why bother?!

not a fan. my hair is not super curly, so maybe this product is not for hair like mine. i really didn't like the scent or the way my hair felt weighed down. i hope this product works better for others, its a great idea.

I tried this product with a open mind. I received the aveda hair straightener from she speaks for free. So I was like "yahoo free product!!!", but after trying this product I learned it was not for me. I noticed no changes at all. I used it on several different occasions before I just gave up. My naps went seven rounds with the aveda hair straightner and won. Maybe this will be a better fit for someone else it just didn't work out for me😔

I did not care for this product at all. It reduced straight-ironing time by a little bit, but as another reviewer mentioned, it made my hair crease easier. Also, I didn't care for the way it made my hair feel at all - very stiff and heavy and not at all natural. Perhaps it isn't appropriate for my hair type, which is very wavy with some curl, rather than very curly or kinky-curly.

I had high hopes for this Avenda product and was disappointed that I didn't achieve straight hair. My hair is extremely long with a frizzy wave to it. I used the product 4 times but the results were dry and dull. The scent was nice and the product went through my hair with ease but I didn't care for the results. It probably cut down drying time by 5 minutes tops. Maybe this product is not a good fit for my hair texture.

I really wasn't a fan of this product. It seemed no matter what amount of the product I put on my hair it always turned out greasy and looked oily. I was very disappointed that it didn't work.

The Aveda Naturally straight actually caused my hair to be damaged. I used it on wet hair, blew dry and then used a straigtener (my normal routine). After the second use, my hair was dry, brittle and damaged. The product is also very greasy, so I needed to blow dry much longer then usual and hair was still heavy and oily. I would not recommend this product.

I love the concept and was excited to use the product. Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience. I've used the product 4 times already and have not seen any improvement, ease of use, or lasting results. What I did realize was frustration, exhaustion (from having to apply the product to small batches of my hair, then blow drying it, then using the curling iron - only to have a frizzy puff ball 3 hours later), and hair that did not look any better having used the product. To increase my frustration, when I contacted Aveda to confirm I was using the product correctly, I was told I needed their Style Prep Smoother as a supplement to the Naturally Straight in order to combat the frizzies and to achieve optimum results. Wrong. Overall, I believe this is marketed to the wrong market group. Only those with semi-natural, already straight hair should use this. If you have totally natural coiled thick hair - stay away. One more thing... I couldn't tell if my hair was initially straight as a result of the product or all the blow drying and curling I did.

I really wanted this to work. I hate having to flat iron my hair every morning after sleeping on it and was hoping this would be beneficial in that I wouldn't have to iron it in the morning. No such luck. My hair seems even wavier in the morning. The product also seems too heavy on my hair and it actually seemed to take longer to dry. I am sure it is good for other hair types, just not mine.