Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I have mixed feelings about this product, and will continue to use it until the tube is empty, but not for the intended purpose. My long, blonde, thin, wavy hair did not get any straighter with this product. Nor did it reduce frizziness in the humidity. However, it has a very nice consistency and makes my hair feel smooth. As an after-shower hydration treatment it is fairly nice. As a hair straightener, it simply does not work with my hair type.

The pros: 1)This product shortened the blow dry and flat iron time. I was able to use just a paddle brush to dry and a quick pass with the flat iron and achieved bone straight shiny finish. 2) The hair remained straighter all day even through humidity and workouts. The con: It did not stay straighter after 5 uses as advertised.

Smells good. That's about all I can credit this product for. It made my hair feel greasy (although it did not look greasy). Did not last the number of washes it claims. After applying twice, my hair still frizzed in humid weather. Also made my hair look dull, not shiny.

Tell me why i loveeeee this product!

Worked great! Not sure that I would purchase but it did smooth my hair

It held my curls together nicely and made my hair less fluffy and frizzy. But I gave it a one star because it's advertised goal was straight hair and it didn't help with that at all. Drying and flat ironing took the same amount of time and my hair was always curly as ever after ever washing. Just spraying my hair with heat protectant spray before flat ironing seems to protect it just as well and costs much less.

i have thick slightly wavy hair that is unruly.Aveda naturally Straight will leave your hair looking very natural yet much more manageable. I have natural wavy, thick hair with too much volume. This works wonders to tame it. I can wear my hair straight out of the shower and not be ashamed of it anymore. What it does: hydrates, softens, and protects unruly hair?prepping it for a smooth, manageable look.

Gave my thick,coarse hair the feeling of a good blow out without all the work. No need to use everyday but if your hair is feeling a little unmanageable while wet this stuff does the trick. A little goes a long way which is a plus.

I like this product but as far as ever purchasing again I wouldn't. It was an okay product but I am a fragrance person when it comes to my hair products & for some reason I just didn't care for the fragrance. It did help keep my hair straighter.

This product did not work for me. It didn't seem to have made a difference in how fast my hair straightened or how long it stayed straight. i do like the way it smells!

Have mixed feelings about this product. My hair is extremely thick, good amount of volume, wavy, but has unnecessary frizz. So I was expecting the Aveda Naturally Straight to be a dream product. I am not an expert with hair, or using products for hair, or even my blow dryer gives me problems. However when using this product and just a paddle brush, and hair dryer was amazing! Worked so well with ease! I do NOT recommend letting it air dry in your hair. My hair was greasy and "crunchy"! With a hair dryer, it lasted all day. However next day hair although was straight, looked greasy..eww! Had to shower after use! I think for people who don't have oily skin or hair this is a dream, but for people like me, not so much. Loved the consistency of product, loved the smell too! Think the concept overall is great. Works so much better than the products I was using. Will continue to play around with this and use it on my daughter who has very frizzy wavy hair and see if it helps her as well.

This product worked pretty ok for me, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but my hair has been in it's natural state for over two years now, so I normally wear it kinky/curly. I wanted to see what advantage I would have using the aveda. My hair definitely had more of a shine and luster to it and it was much easier to manage and pull into a sleek style. I also tried to flat-iron just a bit to see how that would work. It seemed to take forever to style into something I liked, I give the Aveda a B-. It may work better for different types of hair.

After using Aveda Naturally Straight a few times, I do find my hair easier to straighten. It has a beautiful shine to it and easier to manage. I am eager to continue to use this hair product when I want the straight hair look. I can only imagine it will get even better the more I use it. I would recommend trying Aveda Naturally Straight hair.

Worked great! Cut down on frizz and made my hair softer and straighter.

I really liked the product, it help me a lot with my frizz and wavy hair, i would recommend this product to my family and friends