International Delight Mocha Iced Coffee

International Delight Mocha Iced Coffee

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International Delight Iced Coffee Mocha is a refreshing coffee drink that's pre mixed and pre sweetened, so all you have to do is pour and enjoy right out of the fridge or put it over ice .It's delicious either way and good anytime .I love this and highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys coffee drinks .

I buy it every time I go to jewels. I love this iced coffee so much. It taste great!

I absolutely love this iced coffee. I even have my hubby hooked on this. We love how thick and creamy it is.

I saw this in the grocery store for the first time yesterday and bought it. It's ohhhh so good! And the nutrition label is pretty good too.

This taste good but is nothing like iced coffee even with ice. It is very creamy and thick

I bought a carton of this and tried it and it tasted weirdly sour. I returned it thinking it had gone bad, but the next carton had the same weird sour taste. Maybe I was just unlucky and ended up with two bad cartons in a row, but I'm not interested in buying a third to find out.

Not impressed at all. I expected it to have more flavor then it did

I am addicted to this iced coffee! It has to be the best one out there you can buy at the grocery store. Love it with ice in the morning or whenever!

If I can't make it out to starbucks or bigbys this is my favorite fall back. I always keep my fridge stocked with at least one.

I am hopelessly addicted to this iced coffee A great blend that isnt too sweet. this is a great afternoon pick me up. My only complaint is that this isnt big enough I drink this in one day lol

This taste real good! If you pour it in a ni cf e cup of ice its even better! Price is good too!

Mmm so good! I love pouring some into an ice tray, so when it doesn't water down

I tried it twice, once regular and once light. Everybody in the house agreed that it was NOT worth the money; Taste was rather weak. Not Chocolate and not real coffee.

I drink this almost every morning! It tastes great and is affordable.

If only i can try this..It's not dairy free so i can't try it..It looks good.I would recommend it to someone that is not allergic to regular milk.