Lysol Power and Free

Lysol Power and Free

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I do like that this product is free of harsh chemicals (the most important thing for me) but I don't feel that this is a powerful cleaner. Also I don't like the smell.

I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have Lysol in my life! Makes my house feel super clean!

I have to have all Lysol products for cleaning bathroom, kitchen, and floors. Can't live without it!!!

I have always been a fan of lysol product makes me fell like my house is germ free

This product gets anything and everything extra clean it also disinfects it's perfect for the house and schools

Pleasant scent & kills germs. What more could you ask for?

Although I like the way this cleans, for it to be a power free product, It is really strong with the scent. And I had to have fresh air while using it... It does clean quite well, but I don't think it would be a go to product in our home because of the strong smell

I use it in my bathroom sink and love how the foam clean everything. The smell is not strong.

THE MOST "AWE"some cleaner I have ever used, only one I use now, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

I have always loved Lysol Brand Cleaners however, I have always hated the smell of the bleach products. I continued to use them to ensure that my home was 100% sanitized because I have children and I am such a germaphobe! As many of you out there that have used bleach cleaners know it's not only the harsh smell that you and your family have to endure for the sake of a sanitized home but it's also nearly impossible to get the smell of bleach off of our hands once were done cleaning! Then to make matters worse how many times have you accidentally bleached your clothes while cleaning with these bleach cleaners? When I saw that Lysol came out with a product that kills 99.9% of germs without the harsh bleach smell and would still clean and sanitize just as good as bleach I couldn't believe they didn't think of this before! Although I must say I was still a bit skeptical if it really did clean and sanitize just as well, I really wasn't sure if Hydrogen Peroxide could pull it off as well as bleach did. Boy was I wrong to even hesitate! I received my free bottle of Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Spray and a Bottle of Lysol Power & Free Bathroom & Toilet Wipes to try and give my honest feedback. I had currently been using Clorox wipes on a daily basis for all of my basic cleaning needs. When I received both of these free bottles of the New Lysol Power & Free I had never been so excited to clean my house. I immediately dropped everything, changed into my cleaning clothes, and started my cleaning venture with my son's bathroom. I have two boys that are still young and trying to keep a young boys bathroom clean is a mission on its own without having to worry about their asthma, it's truly scary to use harsh chemicals in the home while their home so I normally have to have them go outside and play while I am cleaning. I used the Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Spray on the bath tub, toilet area, and even the tile floors, I used the Lysol Power & Free Bathroom & Toilet Wipes on the counter, cabinets, door and doorknobs, as well as parts of the toilet and tub area as well. I was just astonished on how amazing everything looked! The best part was when my husband and two son's came into the house and asked me what smelled so good! The complaints of smelly chemicals were replaced with compliments, the entire bathroom couldn't have been cleaner (or smelled better), it couldn't have been easier to clean, and I didn't ruin any clothing in the process! I am never using anything else but Lysol Power & Free Products! I have not stopped telling everyone I know about how amazing these cleaners are and I won't stop telling everyone because these are such amazing products!! Thank you Lysol for coming up with such a safe alternative and making sure it was still just as "Powerful" as bleach but "Free" of all the harshness

This stuff is awesome! No gloves needed, has a pleasant smell, kills germs and works great! Highly recommended!