EA Games The Sims

EA Games The Sims

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This game has changed a lot since I was younger I think it's getting more Ella stick and oriented towards sex a lot

I cannot really get into this game but my daughter loves playing this especially the pet add on pack. She has a lot of fun walking her dogs, working to take care of them, etc.

I like playing the Sims. It is very addictive but in a good way. You get do make your character or characters do and be whatever you like. You get to upgrade your house and your work. I used to have a boyfriend that would play this more than I. He had a bunch of expansions for it as well.

I am a sim addict. I played Sims 2 and now play Sims 3. I played it yesterday! It's such a great creative outlet and fun to play with all of the expansion packs. I even have a tumblr with my sims.

I've been a fan of The Sims since the original Sim City but I have to say that EA seems more like a money machine now than ever before. Putting so many new Sims 3 expansion packs out just months before Sims 4 debuts seems kind of crappy to me. They're not even any cheaper than normal, either.

I love this game! I have to say I am very addicted.

An original Classic. Sure in this time now there are much better games with better graphics but you can never forget a classic. Perfect for any age and just about anyone. It is like having your own virtual doll house with amusing dolls/people.

I have been playing these games since the original and I love them so much! They really have evolved over the years while keeping all the things I originally loved about them. There's so much to do, make babies, have a career, be a bachelor, mad scientist, crazy cat lady, ect. You can kill Sims in a large variety of interesting ways. Use cheats for unlimited everything or no cheats and give yourself a challenge. They have pre-made characters in the game already that you can play with or just use them as friends for your Sims. Your Sims can go into town and go shopping, fishing, out on a date, just tons of fun things, and you can switch between families anytime you want. You can also change how fast your Sims age. Overall, it's a great really fun game that can be played at any age.