Disney The Great and Powerful Oz

Disney The Great and Powerful Oz

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67% Recommended
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This is a great movie. Casting is excellent and the story of how Oz came to be is spot on.

Loved this movie, so did my children. It was funny and visually pleasing.

Was a good movie. It gave a good background to the story but was lacking in some more of the story.

I enjoyed the movie, but it is not up to the quality I am used to from Disney. I loved the back story of the Wicked Witch and Oz. I thought the movie was very visually appealing. I thought James Franco was weird as Oz, it was not on par with his usual performances.

I didn't think this movie was to great. I couldn't really get into it.

I didn't like it too much. The story line was cute and it had a lot of unique aspects but the acting was iffy. It wasn't awful but it wasn't the best, either.

Cute movie. Kids liked it but didn't love it. It was very dark.

I was so excited for this movie and was completely let down. I'm sure young kids would love it but adults are going to remember the original and see that there is no comparison. I think casting was a bit off too. No one could ever see mila kunis being an ugly witch. She's gorgeous.

it was a good movie just because i was never really familiar with the story line. i think it could have been depicted better though.

loved it full of suprises

I was a good movie, i like the twist from other versions

I enjoyed this movie for the creativity and the twist it brought on the original. One reason I prefer this movie to the original is that it does not have all the long songs in it.

This was a let down. I prefer the original, much better.

I personally like the original much better. BUT. I love James Franco and did like the modern edge this one created.

I didn't care for this movie. I would much rather watch the original wizard of oz.