Gold Bond Ultimate  Skin Therapy Cream

Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Cream

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I use it all the time very good

I like this cream very much. A little goes a long way and I also use it on the heels of my feet.

My husband uses this all the time for his dry skin. Works well

This is definitely a good product to use. I have been using this product for two years now and my skin stay very moisturize all day and I have no dryness and very little itching.

It is a very good product for my husband. He likes it because it is one of the few lotions that will keep his hands from cracking in the cold in the winter. He also likes it because it doesn't have a "girly"scent.

This product was the only thing that healed my dry cracked heals last summer. I live in Florida and wear flip flops a lot, so this was a miracle cure so me

this product is non greasy and very healing. They also came out with one for excema which works.

Love that it non greasy Also the diabetic one is awesome

takes care of my dry skin super fast and it feels fine on the skin. not to oily or thick.

When your skin feels dried up like a raisin this stuff will bring back the smooth soft skin you once had. I use this all year long but it is a must in the winter time. Has saved my skin many times,!

This is an awesome product for dry skin. My son has eczema & this lotion works really well for him.

This cream works really well for me, it's not greasy and doesn't have an annoying scent. I leave a tube at work and use it daily.

I use this every day !

My grandmother has always used this since her feet are dry from her type 1 diabetes. I use this during the winter for my dry, cracked elbows, heels, and hands.

What a great product! I haven't found a better hand cream yet. My poor hands are always dry, so I have to apply at night and in the morning. This is a must-have for the nightstand, or the desk drawer at work! Event the generic from Wal-Mart works wonderfully (Equate brand).