Universal Pictures Dr Suess' The Lorax

Universal Pictures Dr Suess' The Lorax

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I love this movie. It so funny and I like that it talks about something important. I think every child likes this movie. I love Dr. Suess movies.

By far the best family movie I have seen in years. The moral of the story was excellent. Dr.Seuss would approve the outcome of this movie.

this movie is amazing me and my family completely love that movie the story is awesone

Kids and I saw this when it first came out and a few times since. Love introducing it to the new little ones in the family. The colors are vibrant and along with the catchy songs keep the kids engaged. All of this along with the great message being put out there is a parents dream movie!!

I really liked this movie. The lessons to learn in it is very special and I love that even my child understood it! Recommend to everyone even if you don't have kids a good watch!

Love this movie!! I don't know how many times I've watched this with my nieces and nephews!

Loved the movie almost as much as the book. I have it recorded on my dvr and it is on my most viewed list. I love how it goes into a more detailed explanation of why the thing are the way they are, I love how it goes into detail about taking care and protecting our trees and our environment and how it shows that it just takes one person even if you're just a kid to be able to make a difference. Great movie with a great message.


Love it!!! So cute and love all the songs. Just fun for kids

This is one of my favorite movies! The kids love it and we don't mind watching it with them. There is a good lesson to be learned and it is fun to watch. The music in it is fun, too.

Great movie, done very well, entertaining for my kids (age 1, 3, 4) as well as for me!

Such a cute movie! Great for kids, they did a great job bringing this children's book to life

This movie is great for kids. It was so cute! I liked everything about it.

Love this movie! They took the book and gave it more life. Kids love the movie and songs. They sing them all the time!

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this. I'm in high school and we watched it in my economics class. I ended up loving it! It's adorable and has such a good lesson.