Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

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my husband like it.

I received a bottle of this for free from SheSpeaks to test and review. Although he won't admit it, my husband frequently "steals" my body wash. I guess it's easier than using a bar of soap, and he never goes out of his way to buy his own body wash. The scent is very good in the shower, but it doesn't leave him with a freshly cleaned smell all day. It would be nice if the fragrance stuck around a bit longer. However, I can say from experience that my own body wash scent doesn't necessarily stay around too long, so it could just be a problem with body wash in general. I thought his skin felt softer than usual after his shower, but not so soft that he wouldn't get his "manly skin" feel back later in the day. Overall, I thought it was a nice product, and he didn't seem to object since he used it all up and he liked the smell. I'll probably purchase him another bottle on my next shopping trip.

My husband loved this, he said it smelled great also.

hubby loved this. has a great consisitency and scent. really works and not overpowering and musky like lots of men's products

Smells refreshing. It does get you clean, but the only problem I have is it leaves behind a greasy film.

My husband is normally a soap and water kind of guy. However, he enjoys trying new products and was happy to try the Gillette Hydrator Body Wash. Here is what he said: "It worked well. It lathered up a lot! It rinsed off just fine. The scent was just right. I might buy it sometime!" Like I said, he's not much of a body wash person but he did like this!

My husband loved this body wash so much I bought it again. To tell you the truth I used it to. It smells so good. He loved how much it lathers and how it doesn't leave a soapy layer.

My husband loved this! He's normally not a bodywash guy. He asked me to buy him another bottle. My eight year old son uses it and says it makes him smell like a "real man"

This product makes him smell great. Hubby likes the refreshing feeling from using this. He states that it would be something he would prefer to use in the winter when he gets really dry skin.

My husband liked it quite well, he thought another brand he uses is better but admits it cleans well and has a nice scent. Personally I loved how well he smelled after a shower!

Our family received this product as part of SheSpeaks. My husband and son both tried the Gillette Hydrator body wash. My husband said the scent was OK when sniffing the bottle. He said that it was creamy and lathered well in the shower and easy to use. At the end of the shower, he felt very clean and commented that he could not smell it anymore. He guesses the scent washed off with the body wash. He would feel fine using on a daily basis. My son said he did not like the scent and thought it was too strong when he sniffed the bottle. it was easy for him to hold the bottle initially but later his hands were too slippery to hold the bottle. He prefers to use body wash in the shower. He said that he did feel clean in the end.

My husband use it every day and he likes. He told me that he skins feels better and softer!!

My husband has dry skin and this works great and smells good.

My husband loves it! it's think and smells "manly" according to him.

My husband liked this. He did say the smell was a little weird for him, but he said all in all it was pretty good. He actually also used it as a lather to shave his face with and he really liked it for that!