Cascade Platinum

Cascade Platinum

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So easy to use and you get totally clean dishes every single time!!! A must for anyone busy in the kitchen!

I am always assured that my dishes will come out disinfected and smelling clean. I relied heavily on these pods at home when I had a dishwasher.

Cascade is my top choice for our dishwasher. These clean all the dishes and glasses perfectly with no residue left.

I've used this several times and I think they are just "ok". When I take my dishes out I still have food on them, and that's after I've rinsed off the dishes before washing. I've used other brands without rinsing my dishes and they come out CLEAN!

These work very well

The best product on the market....I tell everyone!

Easy-to-use all you do is throw them in the dishwasher good price good quality I trust this brand

Easy, convenient and the best

These work great! I have tried them in a sample and my dishes came out sparkling clean.

Cascade makes a great product. These are so great to throw into the dishwasher, it's so easy the kids can use them. It's nice to not have to measure the amount of soap being put into the washer. They also lift the grease from my dishes and don't leave water spots.

I was stuck in the bottle of dish washer detergent phase and afraid to veer into something new. When they didn't have my favorite cascade liquid in stock, I hesitantly reached for these. I never expected them to work as well as my liquid, but they did BETTER! I have an older dishwasher and no matter what you do, something is going to need washed again. These have eliminated that problem on 4/5 washes. I wont be going back to my liquid. (Gasp)

These Cascade dishwasher pacs a are the best. It cleans very good. No grimes or grease on anything. I love it. Every time my dishes comes out cleans.

Incredible! I always assumed my dishwasher wasn't working well until i used these and realized it was just the other cruddy products. I was using.

these are best i have found. i have tried at least 5 others before using these and my search is over.

I love these! They work great! My dishes come out clean without all the white spots!