L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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Wow! I guess this cream acts as a base to other foundations/powders you apply. I used it that way under my face powder and my skin looks so flawless. The liquid is white so I was skeptical when putting it on, but it pleasantly surprised me. I will continue to use this because it is a great product!

The best drugstore-brand BB cream I've tried yet. The color of the cream (white) was a little unsettling at first - thought it would end up looking pasty - but when I applied it to my skin, the tiny particles broke apart to create a finish that looks just like concealer, foundation and powder!! All with just a tiny bit of product. It leaves my skin with a matte appearance that I love and it doesn't feel heavy like the combination of those three other products does, which is great for the oilier areas of my combination skin. I definitely recommend this product and have raved about it to my friends.

I received this yesterday and I applied it this morning and may I say I LOVE IT!!! I have tried numerous bb creams like maybelline dream fresh and garnier and none of these had the same kind of coverage. I even did and split test I used l'oreal and maybelline and the coverage was completely better with l'oreal. I was light, natural looking, and it just blended so easily. I had my friend try it out and she saw the same thing she loved it. So I definitely recommend this product.

Love it! Although I wish the color was a ,little more blend-able its does the job.

Pros: It has a great natural matte finish you'll probably love during the hot summer months! If you have oily/combination skin and are looking for a drugstore brand BB Cream with very lightweight coverage, give this BB Cream a try. Cons: I'm disappointed that this BB Cream does not offer the skin care benefits of a traditional Asian BB Cream including anti-oxidants, moisture, brightening, anti-aging, firming, etc. The self-adjusting aspect of the cream is cool? but you have to really work the cream to get all the gritty/whiteness out. Also, due to the grittiness, you won't be able to apply with a foundation brush. I've found that it's best to warm/work the cream between your fingertips before applying it to your face.

well I finaly got it. Got to try it to believe it. You put it on like moisterizer and then it turns a different color kind of like foundation but it is not thick like foundation. I love it,. wow is all I can say I us a different kind of make up becauxe I don't like heavy makeup but this is great

I got my gold package and had to run in and try it. I don't wear make up and I put it on and it felt like I was putting on a nice thin layer of powder. I love the feel to my face and how you cant tell I am wearing it.. It gives my face that even tone and it covered the red tones in my face. I wil be purchasing this product in the future. Thanks Shespeaks and Loreal for asking me to try this product!!

This cute little package from she speaks came in yesterday and I couldn't wait to try it. Application was very simple and it is did not feel heavy on my skin it was very light. I did not apply a foundation over the BB cream but I did use a little bit of a powder to go over, I will be using this BB cream in my daily routine. Try it ladies I guarantee you will love it.

My only wish is that it wasn't quite so matte, otherwise it's a really great 4 in 1 cream that feels like you don't have anything on and that it a VERY good thing!

I got this the BBC about 3 days ago. And I have used every day. Two times a day because I use it in the morning, and then in the after noon. I use it two times because I do wash it off after I get hm. Any who I love love love this BBC. I have use all the ones the we hv in U.S drug stores. And By Far the best one. I only wish it came with more lol. Its so sooo amazing, I have acne/oily skin and sometime dry spots because meds I use for acne. I also have acne scaring. I can use this with some powder n walk out the door. The coverage is pretty good, but remember that its a bbc n not a foundation. So look at this as tint. I have used it with my foundation n I love that it hold my make up so good. Even with my oily skin. I can say it has replaced my primer n cream in the morning. Which helps with time. So now I just use this bbc n a little foundation and last powder. My skin feels good it makes my makeup look brighter. As if I have a glow. I love the match beads wow I only wish they could make foundation like this. Because I have a yellow tone skin n its so hard to match my skin color. Everything is to pink for me. My makeup always looks great when Im inside my house. But as a soon as the sun hit I can see the two tone color my skin n pink from foundation. Now with this bbc that didnt happen in the morning I used this by it self n was wowed by how great it matched my skin tone. So I am going to buying this again. And I am recommending it you all:D

I was provided with the opportunity to review L'Oreal Paris Magic BB Cream in shade medium 4 Beautifying Actions in 1 Primer Perfects, Hydrates, Corrects. I was super excited to review bb cream i love it the texture is so smooth really absorbed my face very well it didn't dry up my face nor left it cakey i didn't even need to touch up for during the day it stood on my face giving it that golden glow all day i love it. Its not greasy nor oily its just perfect and i love the shade medium went very well with my skin tone

Great coverage and not heavy or greasy. I Love the way it blends so perfectly with my skin tone. I did need to add a little extra to cover blemishes. This is a really Fantasitc Product!

I have been using my L'Oreal BB cream since I received it 3 days ago. I love it! It is so weightless on my skin and blends in perfectly. It evens out my skin tone and gives my complexion such a youthful boost! I'm hooked; love it.

Loved the packaging! On to the review-I really like it! Color-I was surprised by the color. It wasn't your typical "flesh" tone colors-it was kind of lavender/grey. I was skeptical. I applied it to one hand. I looked down a few minutes later-my hand looked flawless. I thought it was a fluke so I applied it to my other hand. Looked flawless also. Consistency-a bit "gritty" going on. Odd texture. Applies smoothly and evenly. Possible con-not sure I can wear it alone without looking a bit "tin mannish". Product alone gave skin a nice glow without being shiny. It doesn't have a silicone "slickness" like a "Miracle" BB Cream I'm currently using. I applied a light powder foundation over it and it looked great. Matte, poreless, natural and very smooth. I was impressed. I have oily/combo skin and I didn't have to blot the entire day and that's highly unusual. When oil started to surface at the end of the day, my skin had a natural glow and didn't look like the usual oil slick. I would definitely recommend this product and I will definitely repurchase.

A wizard created L'oreal's new magic skin beautifier B.B. cream! It is truly amazing, I've been using it only three days and I can see a noticeable improvement to the elasticity and smoothness of my skin. This cream fills in the rough and dark spots and leaves a smooth and even canvas to build my makeup on. My beauty routine has been slashed in half by having a primer, corrector and moisturizer in one step.