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  • Caliloo123 By  Caliloo123    

    The best bottles for baby and mama.

    The design is efficient, reducing air intake and reducing colic/acid reflux. They are easy to use, my only complaint is that it takes longer to clean because there are extra parts and that it leaks if it is over-filled. This is the only bottle we found that works perfectly for my baby.

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  • Brimun119 By  Brimun119    

    Great bottles, have to love washing parts though.

    I used these with both of my kids, recently though I switched to a bottle with easier parts to wash. I had absolutely no issues with my kids and these bottles, it was just my preference to get an easier bottle to wash. Other than washing, they are great bottles and help my kids who always had bad gas and reflux.

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  • Des5484 By  Des5484    

    not impressed

    Not as expensive as other brands but a big pain in the butt to clean. They also gave my baby MORE gas and had to switch bottles

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  • mevsthree By  mevsthree    

    My son likes them so I can't complain

    We recently switched to Dr. Brown's since I had a bunch I got for free from coupons and sales. I like them, my son likes them. I like that they are skinny and easy to fit in the diaper bag. My son also has experienced no gas when using these bottles. I don't like that they have all the pieces that they do, and they do leak once in a while but other then that they are a good bottle.

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  • sstory By  sstory    

    We tried several bottles before landing on Dr. Brown's bottles for our daughter. She had extreme difficulty understanding how to use a bottle since she was breast fed until she was three months old and then started going to daycare, which warranted needing a bottle. She especially took to the tall bottles, for unknown reasons, but according to our daycare is not uncommon. Although there were many parts to the bottle, they seemed to keep her from being gassy, to which I am SO grateful. We couldn't recommend Dr. Brown's bottles more highly.

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  • kath24p By  kath24p    

    Great purchase

    We started with avent bottles but our baby had so much gas! These bottles were amazing!!! Our little girls gas was no longer a problem

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  • morgueofmelissa By  morgueofmelissa    

    We love these bottles best out of the brands we have tried. The parts aren't really that bad to clean like most say if you rinse them out as soon as you are done with them. I haven't had an issue since I own a bottle brush and they also give you a small brush to clean the small parts with. These keep the air from getting in as much and my daughter seems to favor the shape of the nipples versus other brands. They can be pricey but we stocked up when some were marked down at Target.

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  • Seguinjj2 By  Seguinjj2    

    Do not like this bottle at all. Very difficult to clean a big cause for concern! It does help but there is other bottles that do the same with a lot less .

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  • Sarah1228 By  Sarah1228    

    Great for colic

    This was the ONLY bottle we could feed my son with from newborn until about 6 months old. It worked great for us to prevent more gas and bloating . There are several parts to this bottle and the new ones just don't seem as well thought out as the model that I had.

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  • darianweaver By  darianweaver    


    My son loves the nipple on these bottles and the older versions are really nice but the new ones are cheap, especially the "Options" bottles. They don't seal well and the vent parts inside don't stay locked together well.

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  • knmason87 By  knmason87    

    Too many parts

    My son used Dr. Brown bottles for the first 3 months and he did okay with them but did much better with another brand. The bottles themselves are very sturdy but the parts that come with them are so hard to keep clean and parts are very easy to misplace! The first time I went on a day trip I forgot to put one of the many parts in the bottle and it was useless!

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  • SavannahaPaige By  SavannahaPaige    

    I love Dr. Brown!

    These bottles are the best! They don't give my daughter gas ad keep her tummy happy! Plus they are easy for her to hold

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  • hahill By  hahill    

    We tried 5 different bottles for my son and I was not a big fan a Dr.Brown's bottles but it was what keeps my son happy and that all that matters. I don't love all the cleaning you have to do for the parts but it does keep the gas down by pushing all the air to the end of the bottle rather than right at his mouth. I will only buy Dr.Brown bottles for my second child.

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  • Yazmara By  Yazmara    

    Best bottle for reflux and colic

    Best bottle out there if your baby is suffering from colic and reflux, I hated seeing my baby suffer all night ing her sleep and during the day she was so fuzzy, I had to start giving her medicine at just a few weeks old. I did a lot of research until I found these bottles and switched , now she is 2 months old and sleeps so well and cries a lot less, it saved both our lives, my baby is a happy baby now.

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  • T2them By  T2them    

    Pricy but worth it

    My 2nd daughter had to use these for acid reflux she really liked them and they helped a little bit price could be better I used coupons to buy mine so it wasn't so expensive

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