Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder

Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder

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I love color wonder markers and paper. No mess no need to work about what children are coloring on. My son takes his on long car rides and I don't have to work about the back seat changing colors. Great product!

Love! Perfect for car trips... no mess and no melting crayons! Its great for inside too when the kids want to lay on the carpet or sit on the couch you don't have to worry about it getting on anything. And to them its magic! The colors just appear! How cool!

It's okay, I like Imagine Ink better and so does my son. The idea is cool it just didn't mesh well with us.

Mess free what can be better than that:-) I really love these and my daughter can't wait for road trips so she can color in the car without getting ink everywhere.

The best invention ever,,, no mess, no clean up after,,, i love it.

love them been buying for years for beginning stages of coloring

My girls loves the color wonder markers, they like getting the coloring books that come with it and discovering what the picture is hiding when you color it all in.

I love that there is no mess

Love crayola but not enough colors in these

This is a great product. My son has fun with this and I enjoy clean walls and furniture.

We didn't like it. I don't feel like you can be as creative since they don't have all colors you would find in a box of crayons

I love every mess free crayola product. My daughter feels like she is writing on everything and having a blast while I don't have to scrub everything after she is done. She loves coloring and drawing so I had to buy her something and this was the first thing that came to mind. I am so glad that I mad this purchase.

Perect for my 2 year old grandson. He liked drawing on the paper but was he surprised when he tried to draw on the walls! Only problem is that he goes through the paper quickly. Will stock up whenever I can

My son loved these, and asked to use them all the time. The only problem is that you have to keep remembering to buy more paper (smart one Crayola!) and that can get a little expensive if you have a budding artist. If you are looking to keep your home spotless, this is the way to do it. If you don't mind cleaning the occasional mural off of your cupboards or walls now and then though, I'd say go for the cheap route with some plain old paper and crayons.

No clean up what could be better than that