Bounty  Napkins

Bounty Napkins

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I use these all the time. They are sturdy yet soft. I prefer the all white ones.

ME and my family actually use this brand it feels really soft on your nose and dosent leave it red. and if you know what i mean its soft on your bum too..

These are the only paper towels I use!! I've tried the less expensive brands and these are worth the money!

High quality napkins - you use one instead of 4 or 5 cheap ones. Love when we find them on sale and have a coupon - we stock up!! (I have 10 packs right now)

I will not use any other napkin

The only brand to buy The only paper napkin to buy. I will pay the extra price for this brand. The napkin holds together and is very absorbent.

Great paper napkin and worth the extra price. Store brand napkins remind me of tissue paper, and you need a lot of them for messier foods like BBQ. These hold up nicely.

Great napkins that don't tear everytime you wipe your face! Super strong, and worth the higher price.

Super strong and good quality napkins. I think these are well worth the money.

These are great napkins. They are absorbent, have cute designs, and separate easily from each other (that might not seem important while reading these reviews, but how many times have you yanked a napkin from the holder and had two or three leave at once?). They are not the cheapest in the napkin department; they are far from it, but they are good napkins and you can buy them when they are on one of their regular sales, which come around perhaps every other month. Proctor and Gamble also puts out their coupon insert every month, which every now and then includes a coupon for Bounty napkins. Proctor and Gamble, are you paying attention? We need more of those Bounty Napkin coupons!!! Hell-OOO! I heartily recommend them!

Definately worth the money. These hold up nicely to use by the kids, as well as guests.

Great quality! Great quality! Soaks up the mess quick! Doesn?t take a lot to do the job.

Recommend! Napkins work very well to clean up all of my husbands mess. Sometimes they tend to be too thin for some messes but I'd recommend over any other brand!

Better quality napkin worth the extra little bit of money.

bounty best napkin usually i get it i dont like any brand else when it comes on sale i get more and storge it