Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist

Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist

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I love these! I got to try a few of these for free and fell in love with them. I like the Pineapple and the Cotton. I also like the Apple one but the scent on that one doesn't seem to last as long in my home as the Pineapple and Cotton. I haven't tried the lavender yet, but I'm not a big lavender fan, so I may never test that scent. Overall, its a great product and has great lasing scents!!

I bought about ten of these they smell so wonderful. the scent lasts all throughout the house and it is not very expensive either if you can get your hands on some coupon's, I recommend to all you air wick fans and glade fans to. its well worth it

I really love the scents. Its not too overpowering and lasts a while.

The Glade Expressions Mist has four for every mood and occasion. The cotton mist give the feeling of home, comfort and family. The Apple & Cardamom Spice liven things up and make it smell like fall. It's modern style and inexpensive price make it a winner.

I have tried both the Pineapple Mangosteen scent and the Cotton and Italian Mandarin scent. While both smell good. The second fragrance is my favorite. It has such a clean scent and is slightly citrusy. I found the pineapple mangosteen to be a bit too sweet. I felt that both scents lasted for an acceptable amount of time. I obtained one of them with a coupon, that I received to try the product for a free, and one of them I paid for out of pocket.

I love the pineapple mango scent. I am very pleased that it is pleasant.

I was able to try the Glade Expression fragrance Mist starter kit for free and I chose the Pineapple Mangosteen. I love the smell and it is not sweet despite being pineapple nor is it overpowerin. It's very easy to spray but I do not find the smell last very long. It's great when you need a burst of fragrance and the refillable container is very cute so it can be left out on your counter. I have seen people put decorative stickers on them to dress them up since the are plan white. I will buy this product again when I am in the market for a spray.

I bought the Fresh Linen spray one day while just browsing in Dillon's. It was a little pricier than other sprays, but It I'm so glad I did. It has a really modern, simplistic design to it, and I can leave it out easily and just look decorative and in no way like a fragrance mist. It really smells great and lasts a while. The only downfall I can even think of is that because it is newer there aren't many choices for fragrances. I've seen that there are four different scents but I've only seen two so far at my store.

I picked up the Fresh Linen spray and i have to say, I love it, but then the smell doesn't last long or linger around after a 3 or so hours which was a disappointment. I rather like the Oil diffuser a lot more but they didn't make it for the fresh linen scent!

I was given a free coupon to try the Glade expressions Fragrance mist starter kit. I picked out the pineapple and mango scent. I was quite impressed when I got home to use it. In the past I would use regular febreeze, or off brand mists for the bathroom, and the smell would only last for a short while, but with the Glade brand, the smell lasts for awhile! It's easy to use and perfect if there's a strange odor coming from anywhere in your home, or if you just want something new and fresh for the home :) They come in four different scents! I highly recommend this product