All  Free Clear Detergent

All Free Clear Detergent

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This is the only detergent I will use. No perfumes, cleans my clothes well and it's moderately priced

I do not use this personally myself but this is indeed a great product. My grandmother uses them which is how I grown to know this product. My grandmother is allergic to everything which is why she picks this product. She uses this for all her washing. She absolutely loves it and doesn't use any other brand. She likes how it is truly clean and clear. There is no fragrance or any harsh chemicals at all. It cleans very well and leaves it smelling fresh, clean and clear! Definitely would strongly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin or anyone who dislike strong fragrances. Never had to do the vinegar and baking soda mix but I understand humidity and messiness are huge factors when needing to use that recipe. Just used this product to clean her clothes and sheets and it cleans great!

I bought this product on sale and I dont have sensitive skin so I could not appreciate the sensitive skin promises. However, I did not particularly care for the lack of fragrance or cleaning power that I am used to. I imagine if you have sensitive skin this may be a good product for you

My daughter has very sensitive skin and this is the only detergent I use on her clothes. Love it!!

I have tried this product myself because I am very sensitive to fragrances in laundry detergent. So I would consider this a great product for those with sensitive skin.

Its okay nothing spectacular but does its job.

I don't feel like it does a very good job on kids clothing

it's okay. nothing spectacular for me

I would never use anything but All

Instead of using the expensive brand for washing new baby clothes just buy all it's perfect for everything and it's hypo allergenic and perfect for people who have allergies

The only detergent that I can use. No added smell that will irritate my skin and it leaves clothes clean and smelling fresh.

This works very well and I like to use it especially on white clothing since it seems to get stains out better than most other brands of detergent that are for sensitive skin. However I have found that I need to wash clothing a second time if the items are smelly (such as if my son has an accident and wets the bed). That isn't too big of a deal though, I usually just set it to soak in a vinegar & baking soda mix and then wash it fully in the morning.

I have a high efficiency washer and dryer. This is the only type of detergent that I will use. It does wonders to my whites.

This is my fave , I use this instead of Dreft for my little ones clothing it works well

Cleans great! I love that its great for sensitive skin,use it all the time