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  • SavvyG88 By  SavvyG88    

    My son absolutely loves dropping these into his bath... He likes to spend more time in there now... Plus they are helping learn how combining two colors make another color... Great Product

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  • lilbluetreefrog By  lilbluetreefrog    

    My kids (1, 3, 4) really have a lot of fun with these bath tabs. We even use them as a reward for good behavior! Never any stains or reaction issues. Good clean fun!

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  • Kunis20 By  Kunis20    

    These are fun and do as they claim but the down side is I have to clean the product after each use! Fun for kids not for moms

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    Leaves horrible stains. Won't use again. Test your tub before you use these.

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  • TheRunningTeacher By  TheRunningTeacher    

    Color Bath Drops make bath time a blast! My son absolutely loves taking a bath when the the drops are added. He also likes to mix the colors to see what other colors he can create! Be sure to rinse the tub out afterwards to avoid staining. Either way, if your tub has a tendency to stain, just spray with any bathroom cleaner, and it comes off easy as pie! No scrubbing! :)

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  • arianasullivan By  arianasullivan    

    I love these for my older children, but they are not so great for living in apartments that tend to "paint" their tubs to cover rust stains. I have used them in 2 previous apartments, and it has stained the tubs, which we later found out were painted. It works great in my current tub though.

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  • buntnikk By  buntnikk    

    My kids loved these, it made bath time fun. I had to put two or three in for a darker color.

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  • ASTopper By  ASTopper    

    My girls like these but the red scared my youngest one. She was scared because she said it looked like blood was in her water. But mix different colors together and she loved it. Its been a few years since we had these honestly, so im not sure if the red is as intense.

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  • cassandra575 By  cassandra575    

    I love this product. It makes it a lot easier to get my two year old in the bath tub.

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  • honestlyaveri By  honestlyaveri    

    These haven't really been fun for my kiddos. The six year old didn't see the big deal in colored water and the three year old was only amused for about two seconds. If using this I'd pair it with some bubbles. Or just go for bubbles. So much simpler, lots more fun. Also, be careful if you mix them. you could get some unsightly colors! Final note, don't wear a lighter color while helping your kids bathe in water that has been colored by this! I have a light pink maxi dress that will never be the same!

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  • scarlettsmommy By  scarlettsmommy    

    My girls love these! They like to experiment with the different colors to make new colors! They will each drop a different color in and guess what will happen its a learning tool as well as fun!

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  • ilovemydogmorethanyou By  ilovemydogmorethanyou    

    Made the bath fun for my two year old. Even with two of them to create a different color like green or purple, they did not stain the tub.

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  • Jenny1022 By  Jenny1022    

    These help my lil one wanna take a bath lol!!.

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  • Liduvina By  Liduvina    

    Cute product. Water changes colors. Combine color tabs for a different color. Does not seem t o stain tub easy clean up .

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  • mandiesmith080311 By  mandiesmith080311    

    My son loves using these at bath time. If he takes a bath, he has to have these in his water.

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