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  • leeanngi By  leeanngi    

    Love this stuff. Love the fact that it doesn't run down the windows fast like the standard Windex type glass cleaners!

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  • Playinggrownup By  Playinggrownup    

    The BEST window cleaner! I bought this based on a Consumer Reports write up and it really does leave my windows streak free and clean clean clean:) I use it to remove the greasy boy prints off of my car windows as well. Works great!!

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  • basktcakes By  basktcakes    

    My husband is in the automobile business and has been using this for probably about 10 years. At one point we could only get it online. Now that is in the supermarkets and mass stores it makes life so much easier to get. Cleaning windows was never so easy. They are crystal clear.

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  • lil_bit2089 By  lil_bit2089    

    A family member got me to try this cleaner and I'm glad I did. It works great and doesn't streak like a lot of other glass cleaners.

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  • kaporter511 By  kaporter511    

    I recieved this product in my Cravebox summer spruce up box. This is now my favorite glass cleaner. It's ammonia free and streakless! It easily cleans all the hand and face prints my children leave behind on our windows, mirrors, and sliding doors.

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