Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse

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I just purchased this for my oldest daughter, her hair is very wavy and this mousse helps her hair stay soft and does not weigh down her hair.

I used and loved this for many years. Unfortunately, it seems that sometime this year they changed the formula slightly, and I definitely like it less now. I used to get soft, smooth ringlets in my wavy/curly hair, but I find with the new formula it makes my curls crunchy, dry, and frizzy. I won't be using this anymore, but maybe if you haven't had good results in the past, the new formula will work better for you.

I have used this for a long time now nd I love it. It leave nice soft curls that hold there shape all day.

this stuff smells awesome

Keeps my hair curly without frizzing up! Love it!

We like this product because it holds the curl in your hair while also keeping hair soft. Smells good, and is easy to use on the go. Once of my favorite hair mouse products!

I tried this for my hair and I have really frizzy curly hair and this did not do what I hoped it would . It did work for like 2 hours but then I started to cross really bad and had no hold. It was not what I was looking for.

Gives me perfect beachy waves, and has great hold. No frizz after using this and the scent is amazing.

I put this after showering then go to slee I wake up with smooth non fizz hair

This is just ok.

Wow! I wasn't expecting a lot from this product because it was so cheap... but wow! I have curly 2c/3a hair and it is super frizzy. Usually products I have work well in the morning, but by the end of the day my hair is a frizzy undefined tangled mess...with this mousse, my curls remained defined and non-sticky all day long! (Note: my results were after diffusing my hair) My favorite part about this product was how shiny it made my curls look (without looking like I put too much product)! Also, this mousse it silicone free so if your a CG, like me, you'll love this find!

Worked exactly the way I wanted it to. My hair is naturally straight as a board and waist length so it's very heavy, and this products really helps to hold the curls and keep them from falling out like they always do! Love it!

I love the shampoos for this line, but this product did not give me the look I had hoped for. It did hold, but the style did not look good. It did not tame or help my curls or frizz.

My favorite, everyday hair product. Provides great hold. I