Fage Greek Yogurt

Fage Greek Yogurt

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This yogurt is one of my favorite! Its creamy and thick, great for my cereal and my cooking!

I liked this yogurt but it is not my favorite: it is not very sweet, I would say it even has a little aftertaste. It is more expensive than other brands. I would recommend it for those who like plain yogurt.

Fage pretty much writes the book on Greek yogurt. Once I tasted this product, I never went back to flavored cups.

Boy, does this yogurt bring back memories. I lived in Greece for 3 years and Fage was huge there obviously. Ever since then I have enjoyed it. It is extra thick just like plain yogurt should be. I like it mixed in with rice for lunch or dinner and mixed with honey, nuts and fruits for dessert. Yum. I must say though that being an Eastern European I make a mean plain yogurt myself.

the yogurt has a different taste but over all good

Hands down my FAVORITE greek yogurt EVER. I absolutely love this greek yogurt. I use it to bake and cook with or nosh with some cherry jam. I don't think I will ever eat another brand, ever!

i was a great Chobani fan, one day was looking for a cheaper good tasting alternative and this didnt fail me. I heard a lot of good reviews about it tasting the best out of all greek yogurts which is true. It tastes better than Chobani in taste but if you are looking for high protein content and clean thick greek yogurt that tastes the best in flavours also then chobani is the way to go. I find only this plain one out of all Fage yogurts to taste the best.

I think this Greek Yogurt is great!! The flavor is actually subtle enough that I like to use it as a healthier alternative to Sour Cream. It is also fairly low in calories and sugar, which is great when you want to add some granola and fruit or add it to a smoothie. Awesome!!

As my go-to brand of Greek yogurt, Fage is delish! I especially love the plain version and use it to cook with at least 3 times a week! It has replaced sour cream and eggs when baking! As for just eating it, adding a little honey or pure maple syrup and fruit of choice is divine! I also love adding homemade granola in for a nice afternoon snack!

By far the best Greek yogurt on the market. I've tried several other brands and Fage is the only brand I now keep on hand. It's thick, has just the right amount of tangy flavor, and the split cup option allows you to control the level of sweetness in your yogurt. I usually only use 1/3 to 1/2 of the included fruit. The blueberry, strawberry, and cherry flavors are especially tasty (average 120-140 calories and 13 grams of protein). Other brands that are pre-mixed are often cloyingly sweet and are very high in sugar. In addition, some market themselves as Greek yogurts when they are "Greek-style." Fage is a genuine Greek yogurt that's packed with flavor and high protein. Also, if you're ever out of sour cream, Fage is a great, low-fat replacement. The price does tend to run a bit higher than other Greek yogurts (1.29-1.65) but, the flavor and ability to fill you up, is well worth it.

I love buying the plain kind. I use it for smoothies and for fruit salads. It is a little tart, so it takes some time getting used to.

They have a lot of great flavors that taste wonderful. I love the split cups as you can add as much fruit as you want and leave some on the side. Very smooth but thick yogurt. Great for baking and cooking as well. In my opinion this is the BEST greek yogurt out there!

I tried Fage yogurt, I will say was a little to strong for my taste, I can't eat by itself (plain) so I found a good way to use it and incorporated to other foods. Works good with Milkshake, if you plan to do your own Ice cream is perfect! and even I used as a condiment for my chicken.

I usually buy Fage no flavor and add my own stuff, usually nuts, fruits and honey. I love the not so sweet taste and you can make it sweeter or leave it a little tart.

I had the opportunity to try 5 flavors of the FAGEUSA (pronounced ?fa-yeh?) Split Cup for free through BzzAgent and I got my husband to sample them with me. We got cherry, cherry pomegranate, blueberry acai, raspberry, and honey. Some were 2% and some were 0% fat. At Publix, they were $1.39 a piece. The first thing that I noticed after taking the top off of all of the flavors was the shape of the cup holding the flavor. It's spoon-shaped! Which means that you can get most of the flavor into your yogurt. Scott's first comment was that that yogurt was gritty and it felt like it was sticking to his teeth. The yogurt was rather bland and even with the fruit mixed into it. The blueberry acai and raspberry flavors weren't appreciably different-tasting with the fruit mixed in. The cherry pomegranate was more cherry tasting than the cherry alone. Both of us were not a fan of the honey. The calorie counts I saw ranged from 120 calories to 180 calories. We both decided that this wasn't a product that we would buy. We didn't care for the taste at all. We've tried other Greek yogurts that we prefer. My husband said that he prefers the fruit at the bottom. I prefer my fruit already pre-mixed into the yogurt.