Secret Scent Expressions Ooh-La-La Lavender Body Splash

Secret Scent Expressions Ooh-La-La Lavender Body Splash

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The lavender Secret Scent Expressions smells heavenly. I love the lightness of it, especially for the summer! . My husband of 33 years even told me that I smell great. I would definitely recommend these products to everyone. I cannot stand when people where overwhelming and heavy perfumes, and wish everyone would wear lighter, more natural scents like this.

So yummy smelling! And quiet refreshing on a 100 degree day!

love the scent great for summer

This scent was on the money, very light not over empowering, love it, love it Love-It :)

I loved it. The scent is great. So light for summer.

The scent is great

I love anything lavender so when when this came in the mail I was ecstatic! I loved this scent! It is not too strong like some lavender scented items can be. When this runs out I will definitely be buying more!

So pretty! This was unexpected and it smells great. I liked that the deodorant had a matching scent.

matched the deodorant perfectly

Though it doesn't smell like the lavender in my garden, it still smells pretty. I have to share it with my 4 year old daughter. she calls it pewfume, and loves it! She begs me to spray it on her and likes us both to wear it when we go out. Plus she reminds me to use the deodorant also. So, like I said it isn't the fresh lavender scent, but still enjoyable. Because lavender is one of my absolute favorite scents I smell a variety of lavender products, always on the look out for soaps, lotions, and sprays. It is really difficult to get one that actually smells like the flower rather than a cheesy cheap fragrance. I think the Secret Scent Expressions Ooh-La-La Lavender Body Splash is a nice fresh scent and I would recommend it to anyone that likes a light floral scent to wear.

I absolutely loved the smell and it made me feel pretty!!!!!!

Absolutely LOVELY Smell Highly Recommended. I will def. be purchasing this again and again

I'm loving it! Thank you for the gift! My husband loves the scent of the lavender! I love it's light and true frangrance1 Happy Summer!

Great light and refreshing scent! I thought it was going to be really strong but it wasn't. I would consider buying this product in the future. Thank you for the gift!

I love the scent of this body spray! Not too overpowering