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  • Gibbet18 By  Gibbet18    

    I have used this brand since I was 18 and it is the only one I will use. I love that is last all day and the scents are amazing I have not found one I dont like. They are always changing with the times and offering products to stay with all of the needs ol women. I dont think I will ever change brands, I have no reason at all!!!!

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  • arwenvevenstar By  arwenvevenstar    

    My favorite deodorant brand, this product has a wonderfully fresh scent and lasts all day.

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  • ECFWalker By  ECFWalker    

    I love secret. I will not use another brand. It really works!

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  • embracespectrum By  embracespectrum    

    I love lavender-scented things and Secret has been my trusted brand for years, so it's a no-brainer for me!

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  • ShayDenZayne By  ShayDenZayne    

    This is my favorite brand when it comes to deodorant. The lavender scent is the one I'm actually using right now! Secret has so many different scents to choose from which is one reason I love them, but it lasts all day for me and just smells great!

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  • jloiodi By  jloiodi    

    This is the only brand of deodorant I use and it's amazing! I take a star away because of the white marks it can leave on my clothing if I'm not careful when putting it on. Otherwise it smells great, easily lasts all day and it keeps me from having embarassing sweat stains.

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  • Deligirl By  Deligirl    

    This scent is just as amazing as the other secret products. I have been using this product for years,my mother got me hooked on secret.

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  • graciemm94 By  graciemm94    

    Lavender is one of my favorite scents. This deodorant has a light enough scent to wear to work and stays on for the whole day!

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  • amymballou By  amymballou    

    I love this it works great keeping you smelling fresh all day! I also love the variety of scents, AH-mazing!

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  • DanielleL By  DanielleL    

    I use dove, but for the price this one is just as good works well for long days work and the scent sticks and doesn't fade...

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  • kandrews82 By  kandrews82    

    I love the scent of this deodorant. It is not always strong enough for me to stay dry, but for the most part it is a great product.

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  • tlathen82 By  tlathen82    

    This is the only brand I buy. Works great and love the scents!

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  • 6pennies By  6pennies    

    great product but i wouldnt buy again im stuck on what i have been using

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  • Missy82783 By  Missy82783    

    I didnt have a good experience with this product. Unfortunately it didnt last for very long and I had to apply more a few hours later

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This is one of my favorite scents and the product works very well. Even my mother (who sweats so much she drips) has success when using this brand. I've been using the Scent Expressions line for over a year now.

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