Ecotools Bamboo Eye Brush Set 6 Piece

Ecotools Bamboo Eye Brush Set 6 Piece

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These brushes are good for the cheaper price. It's a great brush collection to start at if you are just getting into makeup.

I love these! I would recommend over and over again. These are cool looking and they do not wear easy!

There are some of the softest brushes I have ever used. I would pass on the eye shadow brush (it doesn't hold onto color very well) but the rest of the brushes are knockouts! Smooth, silky, gentle on the face. Really good if you have sensitive skin. These feel luxe, and not like you got them at the drug store. Cute carrying case is great for travel.

I love these brushes. I purchased my first brush as a single and really figured it was going to be another cheepo brush because the price was so great. I was so wrong!

One of the makeup ladies at Ulta recommended this set to me. Love the eye brushes!! They are super soft and my powder eye shadow glides on beautifully with these!! I used a little Dawn with Olay to wash them, rinshed well, and air dried and they are still super soft!! Highly recommend these!!

These are the best brushes, great prices and they last. Very little shedding.

These are the best brushes I have ever bought!!!! I would rather buy these, than those designer brushes. They don't shed and they blend in my color's so well!!! I wish they sold a package with every single one of their brushes that they have. The price definitely fits my budget.

Such a great deal! And they are worth every penny

These brushes are really cheap if only bought in a bundle! They last long, super east to clean and they are suuper soft!

Perfect for travel. Very soft. Do not shed and blend nicely

Great brushes for the price. And great if you're just starting out you're collection.

This was my first set of brushes i ever really used all the time. I use everyone of these brushes on a daily basis so its a really nice travel pack as well as a great thing to leave on the counter in the bathroom and not take up a bunch of space because all the brushes fit nicely in their container. I haven't had any issues with the bristles coming out and ive had these brushes for over a year. A great buy if you ask me!

These brushes are of great quality. A must try!

I love these brushes! They are soft, and help get my eye make-up just how I want it. They're easy to wash, and they dry really well and retain their softness. I also really like that they're eco-friendly and that they last for a long time. I've had mine for over a year, and I don't think I've lost a bristle yet!

great price and great softness, plus they stay organized in their pouch and therefore last a while.