Maybelline Volum'Express The Mega Plush Mascara

Maybelline Volum'Express The Mega Plush Mascara

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I have mix feelings with this mascara. This mascara is ok but not the best. I do like that it doesn't flake, clump and lashes are soft to touch. Other than this thats all the positive I have to say for this mascara. This mascara has cons in my opinion.

I noticed this mascara first on a friend. Her eyelashes were noticeably longer! Upon trying it for myself I was very impressed with how thick my lashes looked and longer! It works as well as the $30 3D and without the mess of multiple steps! I use two coats in black and it lasts all day, does not smudge or flake, and washes off easily with facewash! My only complaint is that it can look thick but since that's the goal I can't really complain!

This mascara didn't do much for me, clumpy, flakes, and overall doesn't feel great or look flattering.

This product does not need a better doscripsion than: I LOVE IT!

I love this product! I have very long lashes, so creating the full look i want can take a while. I have found most of them clump, this product does not clump! The bigger brush takes about half the time, adding volume and length along the way!

Just got this over the weekend, and my eyelashes have never looked so good! It hold the curl great, pumps up the volume like crazy and it doesnt make your lashes either hard or sticky. Love it!

I was initially attracted to this mascara because I loved the huge bristles on it,flexible wand and gel mousse formula. I liked the formula but because the wand was flexible I couldn't get any product on my lashes. If you applied pressure I just ended up getting mascara all over my face. I will not be repurchasing. If you are looking for a product that will tint your eyelashes a different color and do nothing else than this is for you.

I love this mascara. I hate how mascara typically flakes off by the end of the day, and this one doesn't which is great! I wish they made more flake free mascaras at a great price.

I was actually given this as a gift basket and I was far from excited about this product. The packaging is bulky, not sleek and slim like the Avon and Mary Kay brands I've used in the past. It reminded me of those fat crayons you get in kindergarten. The brush was too flexible and the formula gel, well it smelled awful and it was brand new! The gel clumped, my eye lashes wouldn't curl after applying and it didn't make my eye lashes look fuller, it made them look clumped together like some freakish doll. I went from having nice normal lashes to franken-lash. Not cool, in fact it was gross. I applied two coats and threw the rest away. I was NOT pleased.

NO, just no. I was super excited by the idea of a "gel" mascara...not really sure why but it appealed to me. I was very disappointed. Super runny and wet, does nothing for length or volume and seems to weight my lashes down. Also the brush is super flimsy and wiggles around the whole time you try to apply it.

I love this mascara - it is my favorite. This is the one mascara that I use each day. It is easy to apply, is not clumpy and leave my lashes full and soft.

The mascara extended my short eyelashes really well, but I think the brush is a bit too big, and not easy to apply.

I think this is my favorite mascara so far. It makes my lashes look perfect and it's super affordable!

I definitely was not a fan of this mascara. I had to apply several layers to get it to show up, which is darn tricky with the flexible brush. Throughout the day my eyelashes seemed to clump together.

I love this mascara! Really adds volume to my lashes; one of my faves