Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Toothpaste Cool Peppermint

Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Toothpaste Cool Peppermint

              Rated #52 in Oral Care
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I tried the strawberry variety of Tom's of Maine and its taste is really pleasant, but it irritates my gums. Probably because it contains sodium lauryl sulfate shown to produce eye or skin irritation in experimental animals and in some humans.

This is by far my number one toothpaste! I had recently received a sample of this in the mail and now I am hooked on it's "wicked freshness"! It's minty freshness is long lasting and powerful and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and clean. It's not clumpy or grainy like most of the other toothpaste brands out there. The paste does not stick to your teeth or gums but nicely dissolves with water to give you an even "brush" cleaning. It does not stick or build up on your tooth brush either. I like the old fashioned- old school non- plastic tube it comes in too. I would consider this a high end product at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this product to all of my friends, coworkers and family. And Tom's of Maine takes pride in not testing their products on animals! That's just one of many added extra bonuses of their products Another one is natural ingredients. This is definitely my go to toothpaste!