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  • Pistachio Pistachio

    Seriously? This only has THREE reviews, but her second album "21" has 282 reviews? That's insane. I personally like this one a bit better (hello, Hometown Glory and Chasing Pavements!!), but sadly - and slightly hypocritically - I own 21, but not 19. I'm very, sincerely sorry, Adele. I like this album, too. I would appreciate it if you and your record company would like to send me a copy of 19 :) This album (19) is like her Grammy-winning "21", only it's rawer. Younger. More innocent? It's less depressing than 21, I think, and it's just as perfect as the other one. If you like Adele, come back and buy her two-year-younger album. You won't be disappointed!!

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    Adele never fails me

    I love Adele and her albums are always beautiful. Her music is moving and can be heard with focus only one the music or in the background. I've sang some of these songs for shows and auditions, Adele never fails me


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