Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock

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Love Neutrogena and we used this product last week for 4th of July beach getaway and it does spray on fast and easy with less mess and seemed to work ok, but sometimes the spray goes more into the air than on your kids skin.

It's pricey, but most reliable sunblocks are. It works well on wet & dry skin, however the aerosol sunblock sprays are not healthy to inhale at all.

I like this because you don't have to worry about the messiness of regular sunscreen or leaving white glops on your body but if you just spray this on quick and don't rub it in, you will become very streaky because that's what happened to my arms

This stuff seems to do the job well with both children and adults :)

Such a great product! Makes protecting my child from the sun easy, no white streaks or endless rubbing. Great protection! Doesn't wash off in the water like so many others do. Reapplying is just as quick. Wonderful, simplified, fast & efficient protection! ; )

This is great for when we go to the beach, because it doesn't wash off like other ones do, I hardly ever get burned when I use this

Sprays so easily and evenly. Smells nice too!

My sister bought this to keep the kids burn-free on a trip to Florida. It works great for me, too! I love the versatility, I can put it on before heading into the water and don't have to dry off to reapply. Also, it is easy to smoothe and spread out to ensure total coverage, with slight tackiness to differentiate between rubbing more water around or rubbing a layer of sunscreen. I also just love sunscreen sprays.

I purchased this to use on a tubing trip since I knew my kids would be wet and not able to dry off. I ended up not using it then so I've been using it at the pool. It works really well! It's nice because I can have my kids jump out of the pool, apply the sunscreen and not have to fight or argue with them about drying off or waiting or anything. I've been very happy with this product.

Great sunscreen when kids won't stop for lotion, but I believe lotions give better protection. Also have to still use a lotion for faces, as it's easier than the sprays to apply on face.

This is the best spray on sunscreen I've found to date. it's easy to spray on (and love that you can open and close the nozzle) and it dries quickly and is not greasy to the touch.

Given how much it costs, I don't see the value in having a spray, when you still have to rub it in like a lotion. I recently passed on this sunscreen because of this very issue. I also found it odd that the instructions to rub it in were applied via a yellow sticker on each can, as if it was an afterthought (the instructions on the aluminum left this detail out). For those who like it, however, you can find these as a value pack (2 together) in some stores. I saw them at CVS, who also had a B1B1 half off sale.

We love the ease of this sunscreen. It covers well and stays on. After spraying we rub it in. It feels good on the skin and not slimy.

Just used the wet sunblock at the beach and it worked beautifully. I burn easily and it helped to protect my skin. I like the convenience of the spray and it is easy to share when you have a group and everyone needs sunscreen on their back.

I love the feel of this spray on your skin. It feels very cooling. I also like that you don't need to rub it in, which is especially nice when you are sandy. It works great on squirmy kids and hard to reach places. Oh, and it also prevents sunburn. I have used this product for years and plan to continue using. it.