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  • Denisespeaks By  Denisespeaks    

    Great eye makeup remover, I wouldn't use any other. It removes all my eye makeup with no problems and the oily feeling stays at a minimum. This product it great for people on a budget.

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  • Leigh4LARS By  Leigh4LARS    

    It is nice to purchase an EXCELLENT product that is not shocking to the pocketbook! This product removes all eye makeup and has less of an oily feel than other high dollar products. If after applying with a cotton swab, you have traces under the eyes, just put a Q-tip in the bottle and remove the rest of the makeup. VOILA! You now have a clean eye area.

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  • hisgirl78 By  hisgirl78    

    Works and works well. Gets all my eye markup off without hurting or burning my eyes

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  • Lefleur212 By  Lefleur212    

    Removes eye makeup as well as moisturizes.

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  • cddmom By  cddmom    

    Works well without being too oily.

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  • sevenstorms By  sevenstorms    

    I used Clinique "Take the Day Off" for years, but at 1/3 the price, I found that Neutrogena performed almost, if not just as well. I have to rub a tiny bit more than with the Clinique, but it's worth it for the price difference. The Neutrogena works well and doesn't bother my eyes at all (I wear contacts). The formula does feel a little slick after you apply it, but it absorbs pretty quickly without leaving anything oily behind. If I'm in a hurry after using it, I just rinse my face with water right away. It takes off both my waterproof eyeliner and my mascara no problem. Eye shadow is a breeze. I also found thst it works better with the cotton rounds instead of cotton balls. The cotton balls absorb more of the liquid and I ended up using more product.

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