Dawn Power Clean

Dawn Power Clean

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94% Recommended
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I love this dish soap. Dawn is the best dish detergent hands down. This product does a wonderful job of removing stuck on food without a lot of soaking time.

I love the smell of it, and it is very soft on my hands.

I love this dish soap. It it better than any other kind that I've tried. It's quicker at dissolving grease and grime than the other brands. Hand-washing dishes has never been easier!

Best on the market. In addition to dishes, great for other household chores, washing cars, and as dog shampoo to combat fleas.

Dawn has really developed the best dish soap out there! It fights through so much on our pans. Theres not another product that even close to compares to this. I have it used Dawn for years and would not switch to a different brand!

My husband and I will only buy this brand of dish soap. Nothing else comes close to getting our pots and pans grease free. Dawn comes in a variety of great smells so we can change if we wish.

I love original Dawn, but this power clean breaks out my hands. I vote no.

You will not see any other dish soap in my kitchen. I live by dawn. Now I do like the scented ones as well but, dawn in the blue is the best. It will cut grease and has many more uses. I have used it to get blood out of clothes. I say it is a good value for its money.

dont have to soak the dishes when i use this, very quick, and clean

I love using Dawn and knowing it doesn't just keep my dishes clean but it is also keeping our beaches and marine life clean! I also love that this dish soap is thicker and more concentrated than other brands I've tried, which means I get more done with less soap.

Favorite dish soap and it smells really good!

Really powerful. Don't need a lot of it to clean dishes.

Dawn is a name that is never disapointing

Yet another fantastic product from Dawn. They never seem to disappoint. Smells just like the original dawn dish soap, only with a little more power!

Dawn is a great, high quality product. I never once been disappointed by Dawn. Great product, gets the job done. Also, I absolutely love and adore the fact that Dawn is such a socially responsible company. Its products can be used on animals. They donate money to environmental funding to help our planet. They made sure that their products will meet our expectations and will not lower its standard just to squeeze a couple extra pennies. Whenever shopping for dish soap, I always pick Dawn. Loyal customer through and through.