Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

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I love these wipes I got a travel sized pack from Target to try they were under $2 for a pack of 10. I really loved them they clean and refresh the face without making it feel to dry. I loved the fact that they took off all my makeup and even my eyeliner and mascara. I usually use seperate eye remover but, for this I tried the cloths to see how they would work. Great for people with sensitive skin like me. A must buy.

I tried these recently as a sample. The wipe has no texture, so I wondered if it would clean well, but it worked very well at cleaning off makeup. It has no noticeable smell, which I really liked. It doesn't have unnecessary ingredients, which I am looking for more and more in my personal care products. These are great for a quick wash, or to carry with you in your bag for when you want to freshen up but may not have access to a sink or bathroom.

I got a sample of these wipes from Target, and they are awesome!! I will definitely be buying more when I run out. They take off makeup easily, and leave my face feeling clean and refreshed.

i adore these facial wipes! never a residue left after using them . it completely removes eye makeup with irritating your eyes. and I love that it dose not leave a scent on your skin as well .

Awesome make-up removing wipes and the scent is almost not there giving you a fresh and smooth sensation that does not make you break out at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

these wipes are amazing....i really like them because they removed all of my makeup and left my face feeling moisturized but not oily! i love them!

I was a tester for the Simple moisturizer. I just tried the make up removal wipe and I love them. They are a nice size as others I've tried were too small. They have a very light pleasant scent. One wipe removed the make up from my entire face. I will be buying these again! Great for when u are in a rush and can't do your whole make up removal routine.

I enjoy using these and they make me feel fresh after a hot, sweaty, dirty day of work.

These were amazing! I loved how they smelled and how they felt on my skin, but most of all...they worked! They took off my makeup AND my eye makeup! I'm sold!

I received sample of these from Target and got hooked. Amazing product but gentle enough for anyone's skin type. It doesn't have a smell or odor, very smooth and gentle. Do not need to scrub to get the makeup off. These are also great to refresh your face during the day when your skin feels dull or dirty. highly recommend the line Simple and all of its products.

Great product! I am in love with everything in this simple line of products. I have changed to the simple moisturizer and now use these clothes as makeup removers! Very clean and simple on my skin, no damage or breakouts from the product!

I really like these cleansing wipes.They are gentle enough to wash my sensitive face yet thoroughly cleanse my makeup...ALL of my makeup off without having to scrub myself raw. Gentle scent also. Highly recommend.

Great wipes. Love them never irritate my face and always take my makeup off with ease.

I really like this wipes my face feels so refresh after I use them.

Smells amazing and works well in removing my make up. My face felt very refreshed and clean after using them.