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Love these I LOVE these. They are so simple to use and convenient for busy moms.

I am such a huge fan of Tide Pods! My favorite scent is the "Spring Meadow" fragrance; I love how it makes my laundry feel and smell. I've tried a lot of different detergents and this is definitely my go-to product.

amazing I fell in love with these the first time I threw one into my washing machine. My clothes smelled wonderful and they came out so clean. Also much more convenient to throw a little pod into the machine than find the cap and fill it up and hopefully not over flow it.

Works Great, and Smells Good, Too! Love these! So convenient and gets (most of) the stains out! We have well water, and our filter isn't the greatest, so most of the time, there's iron in our water which leaves things a bit orange. Tide Pods have kept our whites from turning orange! Thanks, Tide!!

Pros: small, convenient and great smell Cons: you have to use more than directed amount which causes you to use the product up fast and depending on where you are the price isn't the greatest.

Convenient These pods are convenient and perfect for my busy lifestyle. No mess and light weight for carrying a few to the laundry mat. Always a fan of the tide scent. High recommend!

Not great for my washing machine I'll agree that these certainly are convenient if you use a shared laundry machine, or if you prefer the cleanness of pods.. I used to use these because it wasn't even a thought except to toss one in. However we moved into a new home and have upgraded lg front loaders - first time I tried to use my pods, they left behind a nasty residue - even when following the instructions for use. It could have just been a fluke but for the price I just didn't want to keep using them. I prefer all free and clear liquid for a fraction of the price and the plus that it is great for allergies.

Tide is the best! I use Tide pods because they clean my clothes with just the right amount of laundry detergent. With regular liquid detergent I never know if I put the right amount in the washer. They are easy to use, and I love the different scents they come in. Tide does a great job of getting stains out, and keeping the original color of my clothes.

clean,great smell Tide is the best laundry detergent i have ever used . This smells great and my cloth's come out very clean and stain free. This Tide Pod is not only detergent it has a stain detergent in it . The Pod is easy to just toss in the tub of dirty clothes.This has many Pods in this nice tub of Pods.My clothes feel soft and smell clean for weeks after hanging them.

Little pods that improve your life! I love using these. If you live in an apartment complex with a laundry room, these make doing your laundry so easy. I used to try to balance a cup of detergent on top of my basket as I walked to the laundry room but more than half the time I would end up spilling it. The tide pods are so easy to use and small and compact. It really did make my life easier.

Fresh and clean Clean, fresh clothes. Removes all odors and stains

My new best friends!! ;) Absolutely love these little pods!! I buy the ones with Febreze in them. My laundry is not only clean but it also smells fabulous!?? So convenient & no mess or measuring!! I live in an upstairs apartment, the complex offers a shared laundry facility... DOWNSTAIRS!! It's so much easier to grab a few of these little pods versus lugging a jug of liquid detergent.

City Living MUST If you ever had to visit the laundromat, the thought of bringing a large bottle on top of the bag of clothes can be daunting. Thankfully with pods, I no longer have to send out and have someone else clean (and charge me double). These pods are super handy as I throw 2 in my purse and off i go with my bag of clothes of course. They clean well and leave my clothes smelling great... Highly recommend.

Love this tide it does clean great and takes all those stains out

tide heaven Just tried these tide pods. I am in love with doing laundry again. The pods were wonderful and so easy to use.