Tommee Tippee  4 oz Bottle

Tommee Tippee 4 oz Bottle

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I really love this product

We have used these bottle since my little one was born. I breast feed for 4 months and would use these when I pumped. Now that baby is 7 months and we use formula we still like them but they are not durable for the dishwasher so dont put them in there. The bottle will discolor and the words will come off. I find that they are difficult for the little one to grasp as well but if you use the grippers it is fine. He neve had problems with gas with these bottles.

i like this alot they work well and have a great shape for the kids to grasp

These work very well for my breastfed son. They are a little expensive but they work well!

Love these bottles for the breast feeding mother they are perfect for supplimenting formula

I used these bottles with my daughter who suffered from colic. I started out solely breast feeding, but because of my milk supply I had to supplement for a little while, these bottles made it easy for her to go back and forth with little to none nipple confusion. That was very important for me. They have bottles specifically for colic babies that helped eliminate the air bubbles. Cleaning the bottles was easy, but you had to be careful with the pieces to the bottles for colic. The only down fall for me was that the nipple would become inverted often while she drank from the bottle and I would have to stop and pull out the nipple, which made my daughter very mad! Other than that this brand is the best (in my opinion) on the market for breast feeding moms.

Great for moms who are breastfeeding and using bottles. Baby has no problem switching back and forth. These bottles are also soooo easy to clean! I love them!

These are amazing bottles. I had the hardest time getting my daughter to transition from full time nursing to drinking a bottle. I wanted to leave her with a sitter, but that was impossible to do. After many attempts these were the ones she finally drank from! They are much more like the real thing because of the larger size and the softness of the nipple. The only downfalls are that sometimes the nipple sinks in because of how soft it is and they are also a little more expensive. She now drinks from other bottles no problem, but this was great for the transition into drinking from a bottle.

Great bottle, will leak if the nipple gets collapsed.

Pretty good, my son did really well with these, no issues with gas or anything

Love the sleek and modern design, I think the nipple shape is like the breast making it easy to transition. Not sure if it reduces colic and it doesn't seem to have any mechanism to prevent air and gas.

Being a home daycare provider I have seen my fair share of bottles. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I did a lot of research on what bottle I wanted to use for her. I am so glad I came across this company. I would recommend these bottles to anyone.

Great for Newborn Stage These are great for the first few months. But, if you have a voracious eater, I'd invest in the 8oz bottles, instead

Great for Baby As an exclusive breastfed baby, my son took to these bottles when I had to return to work. These are the only bottles he would take. I really enjoyed that they were easy to clean and no tummy/gas issues with him. I would recommend them to all my new moms.

Great for feeding. Easy to hold. The vent built into the nipple helps the air stay out of babies tummy well. I loved using these.