Crayola  Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

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Great for ages to 67 I use this every weekend at the lake house with kids ranging from 3 to 67!!! We love to challenge each other to who can create the most unusual design.

Loving the container! The best thing about Crayola Sidewalk chalk is the fact that it comes in the little container! Yes chalk is messy and easily breaks but love these colors!

fun to draw with I love this set because there are enough pieces for everyone to have several colors at a time. We have a large driveway and the kids and their friends color all over it. One time they each drew their own huge houses and would come over to visit each other. This is great for creative play and drawing for boys and girls. There were never really any issues with breakage either. The kids used these with and without chalk holders.

Large pieces I love this chalk. It always brings the kid in me out. My niece's love drawing all in front of my house. The large pieces are easy for her to hold

Love the variety. I had a set like this growing up. I loved it, as does my kids. Washes out of clothes just fine. And if gotten wet. Colors are more vibrant!

They are alright. I love this chalk, maybe it's my kids or the product but they do brake easier then most. But for the price I'm ok with it.

great product this is the best sidewalk chalk my kids and i use

Love! This sidewalk chalk lasts FOREVER! we bought this for my daughter on her second Christmas and it is only half way empty. She has even left this outside and the chalk didn't get ruined with the rain.

I Love It These are amazing! My boys and myself enjoy these everyday! Easy to use and the colors are great

One happy customer My daughter and her friends enjoy drawing with these chalk. Also my younger niece and nephews do too. Also as a parent i appreciate the container to put them back in

Chalk is great for a nice spring/summer day to get the kids out and also allows them to be creative, crafty and imaginative. You can also use chalk as a learning tool to teach letters or picture recognition and it gets the kids outside. Crayola is a great brand but there are some off brands that cost less and work the same.

Fun for hours! Oh sidewalk chalk!!!! I have to say Crayola has really out did themselves 24 colors!!!! Wowzers talk about getting kids to enjoy being outside and using their imagination:) my son is 2.5 and his sister is 19 and uhmmmmm yeah we will just say in older then that....... at any rate all of us have fun drawing and coloring together and there is more then enough to go around and just get creative! So yeah get out and play this summer with Crayola sidewalk chalk.

Chalk for everyone! Always a great thing to have for outdoor activities! Lots of chalk for normally a great price! Lasts a pretty long time too!

Fun for all My kids love sidewalk walk. This huge bucket can keep them entertained for awhile making beautiful pictures or even fun hand drawn games. I will also get right down on the ground and draw with them. With so many fun colors what's not like about this product. I'd definitely recommend this product.

Perfect outside actovity My 4 year old loves chalk. This set is awesome. It has lots of chalk for sharing and I love the plastic container because they like to leave it outside and it rains a lot here but at least the chalk is protected.