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  • lovedeals73 By  lovedeals73    

    This eyes shadows are the best! I do recommend it!

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  • tplynn By  tplynn    

    One of the best eye shadow I have ever used. The fact the the brand recommends the colors for your eye color and gives you advice on where to apply the color to make your eyes "pop", makes it 10x better.

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  • Shortyjane77 By  Shortyjane77    

    Shimmer Strips are the greatest eye shadow there is and is awesome for my sensitive skin. I love all of the shades, basically just a wonderful product!

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  • apatterman By  apatterman    

    I love this product! It is organic and healthy for your skin. The colors are amazing and pigmented. They have a different palette or colors for each eye color. The colors last all day and blend easily. The product lasts for a long time. Only con is I hate the applicator they provide, but honestly I use my finger to apply it anyway.

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  • kelseyflint By  kelseyflint    

    This is my go-to! I really enjoy using this product. I definitely recommend this to my friends and family! Plus its natural.

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  • AndreahCrawford By  AndreahCrawford    

    I love this eyeshadow! It's the only kind I have, and quite honestly, it's probably the only one I need. It goes on easily, and stays all day. The colors look natural, and I don't worry that I have all sorts of chemicals near my eyes.

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  • ashleyhorton82 By  ashleyhorton82    

    Love this brand and their shadows but i do not like the packaging and the way all the eyeshadows touch. Especially when you get close to hitting pan on them.

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  • raexran By  raexran    

    I love this brand's eye shadows, my favorite one is the one for hazel eyes. Very good quality, color payoff is great and the color combination is good too.

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  • allybaby1285 By  allybaby1285    

    this eye shadows are great i love this oo much

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  • MissRubyRoux By  MissRubyRoux    

    I love these eyeshadows. It suits anyone's eye color. They're more shimmery than matte but they all blend well into each other so you don't have to worry about the colors clashing. You can go for a subtle day look to a night smokey look. It's affordable and has beautifully pigmented natural to daring colors! I love them!

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  • brem543 By  brem543    

    So many people have asked me what eyeshadow I use and I am more than happy to say the Physician's Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow Liner. I use the custom colors for blue eyes and, personally, I kind of blend some of the different colors when applying to my lids. This adds a sort of smokiness without hardly trying! I get compliments all the time on this shadow and I would recommend to anyone!

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  • dashusic97 By  dashusic97    

    literally THE BEST eyeshadow i have ever used! so much pigment, you don't need to use an eye primer with it because it stays on all day withought creasing and i think it's a great price. it's so compact but at the same time has tons of colors.

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  • DarkhHorseDesigns By  DarkhHorseDesigns    

    For a middle priced drugstore shadow set this is an ok choice. Colors are a little flat. More shimmer than color. Not the best at lasting all day, when the shimmer is is the color.

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  • FreeNClear By  FreeNClear    

    Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow?s durable case and extensive color palette make it the ideal color for anyone. Pros: Formulated for eye color, durable case, multiple palette in one case for day, night or natural wear Cons: Case is hard to open; not enough applicators Bought this product at: Walgreens Overall, I have a love/hate relationship with the case. The case is durable ? and I?ve never had it break apart or come open in my purse. On the other hand, the case can be somewhat difficult to open. I love the fact that, as well as being perfectly matched to for eye color, it also comes with 3 different palettes in each case: one for night, one for day or office and one suitable for a more natural lighting. The darker color makes the perfect eyeliner as well. It?s easily bendable and lasts all day. The colors I have are meant for brown eyes, but they also have shades for blue and hazel. I also love the applicator. The tip is angled so you can get the Physician?s Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow right where you need it. The pointed tip is perfect for lining your eyes with the darker color for a smokey eye effect. The color assortment is beautiful and rich, but the applicator gets dirty quickly, making it difficult to use the lighter colors. I am having a hard time finding a replacement for the applicator.

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